I Need a Fix

Once upon a time, not but two months ago, there lived a girl who enjoyed comics but never really bought any since she had friends always willing to lend her their comics. Oh and she was really poor. She still is, but that's beside the point. ANYWAY, one fateful day around two months ago, this girl was having a shit day - the promise your therapist you plan on staying safe type of shit day, to be more specific - so, on a whim this girl (Madeleine, they call her. Some call her. Most?) stopped by a local comic/game shop determined to buy SOMETHING in order to help cheer her up. And this girl, Madeleine, did buy something on that day: a nice shiny hardcover of Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories (for she loved Harley Quinn). And ever since that day it has become a weekly ritual to visit this comic shop and buy comics - at least once a week.
An addiction.
Since then, Madeleine has increased her comic collection - trade paperback and single issues - substantially. Even, as of this last week, subscribing to a number of currently running comics. And even earlier today (technically yesterday, but I haven't slept yet..), Madeleine finally ordered volume 1 of Absolute Sandman from the internets. 
The Next Fix
Aware she has problems, Madeleine doesn't give a fuck and just looks forward to her next fix. Tomorrow, perhaps, she thinks to herself. Gotham City Sirens Vol 1 hardcover looks pretty...but then so do so many others. How will she ever decide! And will she face her problems? 
I suppose only time has the answers to these questions. But this author hopes the answer to the last question is "No." because comics are fun. And who needs to pay bills?!
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