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Not recommended for you. 1

There were fantastic moments in the story, when Aquaman shut Hal Jordan up by showing his abilities, the battle scenes between the various Justice League characters, and the appearances of Darkseid's minions including Desaad, Steppennwolf, and the Parademons. Also, the Cyborg moment was one to remember, especially with the inclusion of future villains like Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow. Unfortunately, these were few in the story.First off, they absolutely butchered Hal Jordan as a character. I ...

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Definitely recommended for you. 1

I came in, thinking Aquaman was lame until I saw the New 52 respect thread for him. So, I decided to purchase Aquaman: The Trench. I found this was one of Geoff John's better works and was absolutely fantastic, showing how Aquaman is relevant to the rest of the DC universe. He's powerful, mighty, and is the king of Atlantis yet he is humble. I absolutely loved how he is joked about in the series and how Aquaman responds. It made me excited for the next story arc too....

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