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This movie was brilliant on every level, I'm getting two copies, one to watch and one to Bronze and worship. Absolutely stellar.

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Yaaay more Greg Land traced plagiarized "art" and awkward porn-y faces!

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Have to give it to Marc Webb's reboot. While some considered it unnecessary, it breathed new life into Spider-Man on film. Raimi's trilogy while for the most part brilliant, was often too heavy (emotionally speaking) and big on the suffering and the internalization.

Webb gave Spider-Man the levity of personality that is closer to the Spidey we know and love from the comics. Garfield as Spider-Man brought the funny and the heartbreak when needed, Webb's franchise gives us mystery, an electric (forgive the pun) feel to the modernization of the setting, while maintaining a relatable and absorbing Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy dynamic and relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets up a stage not just for the spinoffs but also for the Sony Spider-Man universe. The most heartbreaking scenes (Aunt May and Peter heart-to-heart owee not to mention the final act) and the most edge-of-your-seat enthralling fight sequences (Clock tower scene!). It makes you just love Garfield as Spidey because not only does he resemble Pete from the Comics, but also captures his sense of humor and sense of duty. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy manages the impossible: she makes you forget that Mary Jane is supposed to be Spidey's true love (MJ who?!) you cheer for this couple and adore their supportive relationship.

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Silly Marvel, Mystique isn't Kree..

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Simply put: X-Force have no limits on purpose, nothing is too extreme plus healing factors and probability aplenty. Guardians: Not as unkillable .

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go home Marvel, you're drunk.

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You do you Marvel

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I am a huge Marvel reader and think it is great that they're spotlighting so many different (and returning) teams/characters, but doesn't this sort of saturation risk polarizing readers to specific aspects of bigger teams (i.e. Avengers) and risk spreading the readership too thin amongst existing titles (cannibalizing)?

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Use of 'Forever change the Marvel Universe' should be a criminal offense at this point

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Let me break it down for you:

Personally I voted too close to call. They both even employ body contact flips easily, Widow against Hammer's bodyguards, Arrow against the assassin who came after him in his house (the flip trick he learned from Yao Fei's battle with Deathstroke). While they both are crazy agile, skilled and throw a barrage of hits at once, there is a key difference.

Widow is precision fight-skill trained, Arrow is not (as far as we know).

The two times we've seen Arrow get taken down easily by a better trained and further experienced combatant, the Dark Archer Merlyn. Merlyn took Ollie down because his training was superior and sought out, it was honed in Nanda Parbat where he went to become the Dark Archer, and this honed skill proved superior to Arrow's asskickery. much like Black Widow.

Black Widow has extensive SHIELD training, pre-SHIELD training, miscellaneous martial arts skills and was a hand to hand combating spy for years. This extensive background much like MERLYN'S, I feel gives her the edge 3 out of 5 times in a battle with Arrow, she could take him down much like Merlyn did. Not to mention she's familiar with Archers and their methods so she could dodge an arrow attack.

BUT and this is an important but, Arrow is a wildcard. We don't know exactly what happened in 5 years to turn him into the weapon he is. He fights like he has nothing to lose, and his official untrained background might give him a slight edge, it makes him unpredictable. Wildcard.

Too close to call.