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loved her early characterization when she was written by Swierczynski, every other writer had no idea how to handle her and completely wasted her potential, (shameless plug but..) check out the blog entry I wrote on my page defending her. IMO she could of been one of the greats had they not messed up her arc after Second Coming. She was the ultimate mystery and then..she was shelved and given no proper dues

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@squares: I have to unfortunately :( trying to get caught up on Marvel Now's X-Men

@kairan1979 Absolutely, her story had such amazing untapped potential, but sadly shelved in favor of the "next great event"

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This movie was brilliant on every level, I'm getting two copies, one to watch and one to Bronze and worship. Absolutely stellar.

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Yaaay more Greg Land traced plagiarized "art" and awkward porn-y faces!

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Have to give it to Marc Webb's reboot. While some considered it unnecessary, it breathed new life into Spider-Man on film. Raimi's trilogy while for the most part brilliant, was often too heavy (emotionally speaking) and big on the suffering and the internalization.

Webb gave Spider-Man the levity of personality that is closer to the Spidey we know and love from the comics. Garfield as Spider-Man brought the funny and the heartbreak when needed, Webb's franchise gives us mystery, an electric (forgive the pun) feel to the modernization of the setting, while maintaining a relatable and absorbing Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy dynamic and relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets up a stage not just for the spinoffs but also for the Sony Spider-Man universe. The most heartbreaking scenes (Aunt May and Peter heart-to-heart owee not to mention the final act) and the most edge-of-your-seat enthralling fight sequences (Clock tower scene!). It makes you just love Garfield as Spidey because not only does he resemble Pete from the Comics, but also captures his sense of humor and sense of duty. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy manages the impossible: she makes you forget that Mary Jane is supposed to be Spidey's true love (MJ who?!) you cheer for this couple and adore their supportive relationship.

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Silly Marvel, Mystique isn't Kree..

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Simply put: X-Force have no limits on purpose, nothing is too extreme plus healing factors and probability aplenty. Guardians: Not as unkillable .

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go home Marvel, you're drunk.

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You do you Marvel

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I am a huge Marvel reader and think it is great that they're spotlighting so many different (and returning) teams/characters, but doesn't this sort of saturation risk polarizing readers to specific aspects of bigger teams (i.e. Avengers) and risk spreading the readership too thin amongst existing titles (cannibalizing)?