Chaos War Ending

  I didnt get to read all of Chaos War, but i want to know the end.  is ares back?  is the original vision?  is hercules still very powerful?  can amadeus cho alter reality anymore?

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Posted by Primmaster64

No Living Tribunal -____-

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@Primmaster64: did you read it??
Posted by Tonystarkbuttherapper

I'd really like to know as well. According to the IGN review it sucked (the series has been going downhill since the first issue to me anyways) and I'd rather not waste money on it.

Posted by PrinceIMC

As I saw it the people who were brought back to life are still around so long as they weren't killed again during the fighting. Alpha Flight, some of the Dead Avengers possibly Ares are still around. I don't think the Vision survived. I have to reread Dead Avengers to see who survived. Hercules is actually completely depowered now, regular human not even an invulnerable demi-God anymore. Amadeus is back to his normal self I believe, just regular old hypermind.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@PrinceIMC: oh wow.  does hercules at least have his super strength?
i have not yet read a bad story by greg pak. 
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@PrinceIMC:  wait, are zeus and hera alive again? are they children?
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@Violet-Eyed Dragon:
I'm not entirely sure who's back or not. Some of the people who were brought back who were not allied with the Chaos King are still around. Not sure if all the ones who were allied with him are back as well. Athena is so possibly the others are. And Herc seems to have the strength of a regular human with his build. He high-fived Amadeus and it hurt.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@PrinceIMC:   thanks for explaining this.  :)
Posted by Celunon

The One-Above-All did NOT seem to destroy Mikaboshi again...except perhaps through Hercules.