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I for one welcome our new hawksquatch overlords.

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The Robots have taken me. Please send help.

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The Robots have taken me. Please send help.

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Loved this series, it really was brilliant. The art, which I wasn't a fan of at first, grew on me, and seemed to match the feel of the writing perfectly, I look forward to seeing more of these characters in the future.

In saying that, I wasn't a huge fan of how they portrayed or treated Doom, especially in this last issue. Some writers get him wrong for me - which is to be expected with such a major figure and so many different writers approaching the character - and this portrayal just didn't sit right with me. Not that this was a big enough deal to ruin such a great series or anything.

Overall, awesome series, and this final issue totally does it justice.

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I thought it was all good, it made the movie feel more relevant to the real world - to a degree of course. It was a logical decision to make, and it's good to know at least the film version of Superman isn't some little bitch boy scout.

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When I first saw this title I thought I'd hate it. When I first read it, I wanted to hate it. Now it's one of my favourite books.

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I haven't been following the characters in this series, do Kate and Clint have a strictly mentor/student relationship, or is there some sort of history there? Maybe I should check out the back catalogue...

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How many faces does that sentinel need? He's being greedy with that many.

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@metroplex02 said:

To hold Cyke or Namor or ANY of the Phoenix Five accountable for their actions is pretty ridiculous. It's not like you fools are blaming Jean Grey right now. I mean, we all got over Tony being ham faced piloting Iron Man, right? Wanda raping Cap then killing Avengers? Legion/Proteus now having his own title? Xorn? I mean, MAGNETO ON UTOPIA?!? Didn't Thor just buy the Punisher a sixer of beers? Heroes are all about forgiveness. It's what good people do. Everybody loves a good redemption story. But. My personal bias is this: Scott Summers was so freaking cool at one point Marvel had to bench Professor X to make room. He got his ass handed to him by a depowered Storm in the 80's because everybody thought he sucked. Well, Morrison and Wheaton proved the Cyke wasn't a wuss. They took him and made him this public figurehead of an affirmative action group. Who could shoot force blasts out of his eyes. Who could forget that last splash page of an Astonishing X-Men comic **"To me, my X-men?"** HE OWNED IT. And yeah, Namor has always been a Dick Cheney, but thankfully he's a bit nobler. The @infomattox verdict IS: The Phoenix Force inhabiting one's body is probably akin to a DMT trip x 1,000,000 so we're willing to give Marvel's "first mutant" a pass on this one. But I think we'd forgive Wanda much easier if she had said "No more winged feet.."

I really don't think I could agree more with everything you said. Fuckin' high-five dude.

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I'm a huge fan of both characters, but it's hard to imagine Black Panther defeating Namor. I suppose he'll just think his way to victory, as often happens in comic books, but I think the power imbalance between the two is too substantial.