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The return

Diamond Queen- Maya Lopez

Harnessing the Ninjan technology known as Eco; Maya Lopez returned to the mainstream world with one goal in mind; to rebuild. Following the devastating attacks on the world at the hands of Final Arrow and Sha; she used the tech to engineer a new type of technology, something that would forever leave a lasting impression on modern technology.

Setting up shop in the destroyed big apple, the very first building set up in the heart of downtown New York was the VP INC, building. During her time in Utopia, Maya's resources helped her bring back Sarah Lock hart, one of her long time friends, and former teachers from her VP days.

Gem Queen - Commander Lockhart

Sarah had been part of several missions to protect earth from alien invasion. Stationed on another dimension, earth was under the impression she was trapped, Maya bought her back to this dimension. Working for S.W.O.R.D, an organisation set up as a way to monitor all alien activities on Earth, and inter-dimensional. Maya returns to the Vine Prodigies as the CEO of VP INC and the headmistress of the diamonds. Sarah Lockhart returns as commander of S.W.O.R.D and the headmistress of the "Gems"

Diamonds and Gems

Heroes and Neutrals will be split between two houses. "Diamonds" will fall under the command of Maya Lopez; while Gems will fall under the command of Sarah Lockhart. Both "houses" will go to school however schooling is not offered by the VP; only housing and other accommodation.


Members of the Diamonds

Name: Mirabel
Age: 16
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 5'6
Team Affiliation: None
Enemies: Eliminator Omega, the Electrical Protectorate
Relatives: None
Hometown: Planet Novia
Did you know: Mirabel is the last of the Novians, and even then she was just a clone of a small girl's corpse left over when the Zeta Reticulans, known as the Greys on Earth, eradicated her species. Before she could be cloned each time she died, but with the Electrical Protectorate's attack on the Novus, the Novus no longer have the resources to do this. So she's on her last life so to speak.

Name:Evan Stone


Weight: 165

Height: 6'1

Team Affiliation: Vine Prodigies


Relatives: Deceased

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Did you know: That Evan once had a chance to be a rockstar? But Simon Cowel was a jack@$$

Name: Magic

Age: 17

Height: 6'2

Weight: 15 Stone

Team Affiliation: Lockhart Family

Enemies: Is not aware of any

Home Town: Oxford England

Did You Know: Magic use to be the Handy Man of the old Vine Prodigies mansion; he also is the youngest person to ever to attend Oxford university and is perhaps one of the smartest people on the planet.

Name:Tellumo/Alphonse Brody
Height: 5,5
Team Affiliation:None
Enemies: None
Relatives:Father (Dead), Mother (Dead)
Hometown: Greater London, England,United Kingdom.
Did you know: Tellumo is a lazy @$$ who hasn't done much,
also he harbors a deep fear & regret
that he may have killed his own parents because of
his powers awakening causing a cave-in


Members of the Gems

Name: Hotaru Uchiha
Age: 16
Weight: 119
Height: 5’6
Team Affiliation: Vine Prodigy
Enemies: N/A
Mother: Stephanie Ardor (Feral Nova)
Father: Uchiha NeVann
Brother: Sozuko
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Did you know: That Hotaru has the same obsession of cookies like her mother, she has been able to keep it under control thanks to the help of her intense ninja disciplinary training.