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I hope for... Aqualad, Bestboy ( I wanna see how he can turn out in a figthing game) Bluebeetle & I want Big Barda too.

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@Spidermac17 said:

Here's hoping for Tim Drake!!

I am with you there!

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wondering if they can put Blue Bettle or Sportsmaster.

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Young Justice.

Why did you love the show?

- 1 reason. Greg Weisman, has made a lot of great work.

- 2 It was different from others and I loved the storylines.

- 3 I followed the comics of Young Justice and was excited about this. I didn't get to see what I wanted but it put a smile on my face to see they had Robin (Tim Drake) Impluse (Bart Allen) SuperBoy (Conner Kent) & WonderGirl (Cassie Sandsmark) Wish they had a eps to them, but what I got... Always loved the show.

What was your favorite episode?

- Season 1 Downtime. Reason being, I was really getting to know more on Aqualad.

- Season 2 Alienated.... You see the Heroes with all there sidekicks... and the big shocker. Aqualad is teamed up with his father.... WOW!

Who was your favorite character?

-Robin III its Tim Drake! And If it had to be because he was in since season 1. Aqualad... that character made me like Aquaman and water powers more hahhaa.

What was your favorite scene?

- Mal & Karen figthing on a mission in the episode of "War"

What was your favorite fight?

- the real Roy Harper seeks vengence against Luthor. A guy with only 1 arm took on Luthors female hahaha!

What was your favorite line?

-Superboy: "I hate monkeys"

  • What was your favorite joke?

- Flash: We can always use more raw power. And Earth has a third Green Lantern: Gy Gardner

Hal & Stewart: (in unison) No.

Flash: But we could really...

Jordan and Stewart: (In unison) NO!

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sucks this is ending. I would loved to see one more season at least. I so Can't wait for this.

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Sweet we got doomsday. Glad he isn't super huge like in the DC online games. Now! Where is Black Adam!!!!?

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@ccraft said:

1. Denial

#19: Batman and Red Robin

I get this, RR will probably be a little harsh on Bruce.

2. Anger

#20: Batman and Red Hood

I definitely see this, RH is going to be really harsh on Bruce. I can't wait.

3. Bargaining

#21: Batman and Batgirl

I feel like this should have been switched with Tim Drake.

[If only we had tried to be a better person toward them…]

4. Depressing

#22: Batman and Catwoman

I really hope he tells Catwoman his secret identity, like in HUSH.

5. Acceptance

#23: Batman and Nightwing

This will probably be the saddest issue...

Love this.

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@k4tzm4n: I couldn't agree anymore hahah its Tommy Lee Jones when I see that photo. LOL

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"Personally, I was rooting for Tommy Lee Jones"

I so agree. Chris Cooper still great. But Tommy Lee Jones hahha I am a fan of Dark Avengers to much hahaha.

Great pick!

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If they bring back Sentry, who would win in the fight? Hyperion? Or Sentry?