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Donatello for me. When I was a kid and I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The live action film in 1990, I was amazed and how it was so different from the cartoon. I was a kid at the time and I didn't know there was a comic, so I had my cousins introduce me to the Ninja Turtles in the black and white comic, the Mirage Comic Donatello was originally presented along with Leo as one of the two calmer turtles. Plus the first issue of the comic SPOILER! Donnie was the one who killed the Shredder by knocking him the roof top.
Donnie in the first live action movie... Donatello seemed less intellligent in the film. He struck up a strong friendship with Casey Jones. Mostly the two playfully insulted each other during the part of the movie fixing the old pickup trick. Of course we all know Donnie is the mind and brians of the group... but I love his relationship brother hood with the little brother Michelangelo. Always messing around the goof balls and the ones getting in trouble and breaking the ice in the room. A lot of people can love the first film but with Donnie and Mikey watching the movie at Aprils place watching the Tortoise and the Hare, I hear Mikey go "Ninja kick the dam rabbit" While Donnie chills hahahaa Donatello has a comedic inability to match his brothers in the first movies. "Bossa nova" "chevy Nova" And plus in the fight with the Turtles and Shedder, he kept on fighting with out his weapon... even thoe he was beat.
Donatello has one of the most under rated weapons of the group, the bo staff. Seeing him fight in so many movies and TV shows it is one of my favorite weapons... Its like if you gave Donnie the Darth Maul double bladed light saber... he can kick some ass and have the colors of purple too it. The bo staff has reach the bo staff can hit more then 3 foot clan members or even more. Plus as one of my favorite colors... PURPLE He rocks that head band very well. For freaking shakes he was voiced by Corey Felman! Donnie is the opposite to me. He is the mind, he wears purple, he has the bo staff. Donnie is the under rated character of the group. Donnie is the loving brother, he cares and of course he will fight until the end. There that is my favorite Turtle and mostly in short.... why. hahaha


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What? No Condiment King???? Hhahahaa They should do a poll on most funnies villain... besides Joker....

Condiment King!!!! Lol

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finally! :)

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Dam Mikasa! Attack on Titan love that show! Love that art work!

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Scarlet Spider & Agent Venom.

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I wish his ending had him eating oero cookies.

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Take care Sara we will miss you.

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Hmmm Batman very Batman Beyond colors.
Wonder woman... reminds me of her in Injustice. And ever since Conan did that segment on "Clueless gamer" I will always see wonderwoman now.... Very... dominatrixes LOL hahaha.
I wanna see more characters. Are we gonna see a "Slade" 3000?

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hmmm. The face of A-Bomb. I wanna see how this turns out.