VillainousV's Valentines Day AdVenture............

I don't think I lead an awfully extraordinary life. I'm certain I'm not normal, but everything around me in averagely boring and mundane. Today proved me wrong. Apparently my life is not so boring........or maybe this kind of stuff happens to everyone and I'm just new to it. 
ANYWAYS......I celebrated Valentines on Sunday with my lovely lady, but still we arranged to have a romantic evening on Monday as well.....Why not be a little romantic right? The place we were going to go for dinner wasn't that far from my place so we decided to walk.....My neighbourhood is exactly the weirdest place on earth except for a few crazy parties now and then.....There are mostly old people, young couples and a few other students like myself and we're generally well behaved....Except on Valentines Day of course. On our way to the restaurant we were stopped by a couple of cops who were blocking the off the scene of some kind of domestic dispute that had led to a couple of dudes duking it out in the middle of the road...There was an ambulance and a shite load of cops who apparently had no one to love on Valentines Day....That was only a temporary delay (it made us pretty late for our reservation because we ended up bumping into some friends who were also passing by) and still not the strangest part of the night.....That came when the old dude at the end of the block asked my girlfriend if she wanted to try some of his tomatoes....According to him they were the best tomatoes in the province and he grew them in the greenhouse in his backyard all year around and sold them to five star restaurants.....Normally I would have left at the part where the guy asked me to try his tomatoes, but no we had to go inside and try the tomatoes....Sadie my darling, you do make life interesting.....Anyways, the guy ended up sitting us down in his kitchen where we were greeted by his wife and his grandson who both only spoke French.....I don't speak French and my girlfriend only speaks a little so we ended up just kind of sitting there awkwardly while the guy went and got his tomatoes......Eventually he came back, we tried his tomatoes and I was ready to leave.....BUT then he and his wife started making us dinner....We tried to refuse but they insisted and we ended up staying for dinner (which consisted mainly of tomatoes) and his wife pulled out the biggest chocolate cake I'd ever seen in my life.....When we were done we paid the guy forty bucks and he gave my girlfriend her own potted tomato plant...... 
I can honestly say it was the weirdest meal I'd ever had, but it was also the best.....I can't wait until next Valentines Day to try and top that story somehow....


So I took this quiz.............

And I'm happy to say my current girlfriend is nothing like Lady Deathstrike............

Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz quiz at, the world's largest comic book encyclopedia.

Lady Deathstrike
You are totally gonna die on this date. But good luck screaming for your life while Lady Deathstrike takes your manhood as she uses you for Wolverine hunting practice.
She'll basically kill you. Treat her right or you might get a vasectomy courtesy of her ninja sword.
Tigra is an animal. She'll show you a good time provided you're not allergic to cats. Hopefully you won't mind the claws...
Kitty Pryde
Tough, smart, and caring, Kitty is loyal through and through. She will let her hair down and show you how to party. Just don't do her wrong or she'll use her ninja-moves on you.

When didn't I?

When I was six I dressed up as Wolverine

When I was eight I was a Transformer (they aren't really from comics tho)

When I was ten I was Superman

When I was eleven I was Spider-Man

And when I was thirteen I went out as Nightwing (that costume was sweet)

This year I'm doing Rorschach and the costume looks awesome. The mask is abso-freakin-lutely the best part. God bless the women in my family who love costume design. I love them so much................