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i noticed in the last one (#12) when Supes is in the living consciousness thing Jor-El says the line about giving them an ideal to strive for (pg 6), with slightly different wording from what he said in the trailers for MOS. I just thought i would like to share that. Sorry if this already been shared will delete.

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@Primmaster64 said:

hey trying to add to my superman collection this sounds like a GREAT read what issue or story is this. Thanks in advance.

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Hey If you look at the FCBD preview of Trinity War you see the Justice League of America (i myself just noticing had to post) Very excited to see where this is going.

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idk how to say it any better but i died a little when i read the title... but i want to see what someone can do in AC, please give me the blue boy scout with lots and lots of metaphorical meanings... i like thinking and deep superman stories. :)

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I understand they are both written by Lobdell and that Superboy is part of said Titans, but i feel there is too much tie-in with Titans. I wouldn't mind if it was just a small note like how Supergirl mentions Superboy, his clone, to Superman. It is something really small like it doesnt really impact the Superman book all that much. I don't mind a tie-in or crossover once in a while, like Superman in Supergirl for one issue. But it seems like it has very frequently with Superboy, and when chunks of the story or the complete other side of the story is missing it bothers me... Like Superboy fighting the Titans, its understandable for it to crossover here, but then the Culling, crosses into Legion Lost, Titans, Titans Annual, to me i don't want to pay extra money for things i am not really interested in, ie Legion, Titans, and Annual. Dont get me wrong they are probably really good reads but, i dont want to read three other books just so that i can understand whats going on in Superboy. Like in issue 10 him and cassie are stranded... idk what happend cause i didnt bother to read the other stuff i dont wanna sound like a ranter... I probably am but, why do i have to buy other books (legion that i care nothing about to be able to enjoy Superboy?

Is it just me being a lamer or does anyone catch my drift... note i am new to comics so idk if this actually goes on a lot.

IF tl:dr All im asking is it too much to ask to get a little more Superboy stand alone adventures with less money being spent on things i dont wanna read?

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I would go with superman... if hulk has no limit to his power as he gets angrier i have two counters to that:

1. If they fought for a long time a day or so, Hulk will continue to get stronger, but Hulk is human... so i think he would get hungry, and how many people can fight at their best aor be angry when they're angry?

2. If superman was fighting Hulk and was carrying a puppy in one hand, how angry could Hulk get seeing a puppy in his opponents hand? highly doubt you can be mad when you see a puppy...

LOL just some comical relief lol

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Hi fellow supermanians :) i started reading comics and started a collection as well. I wanted to collect the Death, Funeral, and Return of Superman, I didn't know how many issues there are in total so i think it was best to ask the people who should know. I want to know the number of issues including tie-ins and all. I was wondering if there are any other notable titles i should grab. I prefer getting issues not TPB too.

I am currently reading Action Comics, Superman(though it has pained me so far we'll see how Lobdell does :) ), Superboy(eh Lobdell's tie-ins so much with other comics limit my enjoyment of reading Superboy on its own), and Supergirl. I am in the works of getting issues of All-Star Superman, my favorite so far. I have John Byrne's Man of Steel and Superman: Earth One, by Straczynski. I think i might need another origins story as well for current incarnation (recommendations?)

Side note: I like to read things that say Superman is AMAZING, like All-Star Superman, I don't mind having to do a little thinking to understand the greatness of Superman too. I like thinking :)

Is there anything fellow Superman fans believe i should add to my collection? Please add description too not just name of things recommended to get.

Possible Additions: JLA/AVENGERS (because issue 4 cover of Supes w/ Cap's shield and Thor's hammer is epic)

JLA (New 52)