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When Wayne industries was taken over by Tim Drake after Bruce Waynes death it became involved in clones,Tim was so hurt by the loss of his adopted father that he launched project "Rebirth",with the DNA of Batman and the rest of the Batman family he created clones of them called "Agents of the Bat".The clones were given abilites of there originals,but with even more abilities that varied.Lucas was the last clone and a copy of Azrael,the once replacement for Batman.Unfortunateley his brain funcutioned diffrent and he decided to rebel against his creators.Due to his rebellion his brain functioned at higer levels giving him more abilites then the other agents.

Escaping the facility with ease he choose to hit the streets with vengance,his similair brain waves to Azrael gave him an attitude and chracter just like him,his ways were more brutal then Bruce's,he now takes the name Vigilante and sometimes refers to himself as Azrael.Ridding the streets of scum and keeping Tim Drake of his back.

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