Steve Gerber

I've been interested lately in the comics of Steve Gerber, mainly starring alot of his characters like Howard the Duck, Beverly Switzler, Man-Thing, Doctor Bong, etc. I'm a huge fan of comics that are goofy, corny or over-the-top, and this guy seems to write alot of great stuff. I bought Howard the Duck: Media Duckling, and so far I've been loving it (especially for its zany humor), maybe later I'll check out other TBs or issues starring these characters...

Other trades I'm interested in (EDIT: UPDATED INFO 12/3/2012):

Howard the Duck Omnibus (already bought from Amazon)

Essential Howard the Duck Vol. 1 (already bought the entire series on Amazon so there's no point to buying this) :/

Howard the Duck MAX (Still available for purchase on Amazon)

Essential Man-Thing Vol. 1 (already bought)

Essential Man-Thing Vol. 2 (already bought)

The Infernal Man-Thing (bought all three issues of this mini, i highly recommend it) :)

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Recent Blog Update

So not much has been going on with me lately. I recently dropped out of both my classes so I'm no longer in college, although I'm planning to take courses later this summer. Alot of staying at home, going online, spending alot of time on ComicVine and YouTube, especially. Things have been kinda boring, actually. I've been renting movies on Netflix, last I saw were Hugo and 127 Hours, GREAT films btw that I HIGHLY recommend. Also doing alot of church activities and volunteering. I'll let you guys know if I'm doing anything at all interesting later, until next time...

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No more Comp 101!

I'm trying to get out of this class, I'll try to drop it w/o getting a full refund (since it's already too late to do so anyway), guess that all I'm stuck with now is English and volunteer work (I do alot of volunteering...)

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My college classes...

COMP 101 and English. Both classes are pretty boring, and I don't really do much of the work. The teachers are nice though. Maybe I should take a class next semester that I would find more interesting, like cooking...

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