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@ultimatewarrior123 said:
" Galactus would win because he can outsmart the phoenix. He called phoenix a hypocrite because in order for her to stand a chance against galactus she would have to deny billions, if not trillions of people life. Phoenix would not upset the balance of life and death and so will not destroy Galactus. Potentially she could, but if Galactus is fully-powered she would choose not to.So it would be a stand off. "
A Stand Off?!?!?! Oh plz, you are talking about probably the two strongest beings in the marvel universe and you really think they would have a STAND OFF!?! Hahaha, the Phoenix tends to show us that she has a bit of a temper once someone pisses her off and Galactus would probably never refuse a fight, I think that  you just don't want to say it, so I will, Jean Grey(Phoenix) wins.
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I am not sure who is older, my GUESS would be Emma Frost, but not by much, I mean she was young enough to have an affair with Scott, so I am guessing that she isn't that much older than Jean, maybe a few months and year at the most, but I am not certain.
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It is going to be a confusing movie, but if you know your stuff, I think most people will understand it.

Also, remember, Xavier took the school from Emma, so that is why she is most likey going to be an adult, but you are right in the matter of the age thing, I dont understand why she would be an adult. She is around the same age of Jean. That part I dont understand at all. I personally think they should have kept Jean, Storm, and Cyclops in it seeing that they were Xavier's first students.

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Jean Grey... 
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Phoenix Force :P 
Is this tread dead?
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I think this thread should die right now! 
You are all talking about Jean Grey "without the phoenix force", well guess what, that is NOT possible, and do you want to know why? Because Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force are one. If you guys can't accept the fact that the Phoenix Force is a part of Jean Grey then stop posting on this thread. 
Like I said before, it would be like saying Storm is fighting in this battle without the control of Lighting, is just isn't fair, 
and let’s face it, that is the ONLY defense that 97% of you all are using to say that Storm wins this fight.  
You guys can say all you want that Jean wouldn't win without the Phoenix Force, but guess what, she has it and she always will.  
~ Jean Grey wins

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I agree with you 110% 
but some people dont like that, I explained it in my earlier post ;) 
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@Edamame said:
" @VictoriaGrey_2010 said:
 and in this thread Jean doesn’t have the Phoenix Force. Now just think of what she could do if she did…     "
Well, Jean often does employ the Phoenix Force as a power source. So it is somewhat false to state that she doesn't "have" the Phoenix Force, but I see what you are saying. ; ) "

When I posted my earlier post, I was told that this thread did not include the Phoenix Force, I assumed it was true. 
I thought that is the only reason why this thread has gone on as long as it has. If Jean is able to access the Phoenix Force, 
well then there is no debate, Jean wins, no need to explain why.
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@Aqua11500 said:

" @EpitomeofCool:  Jean's shields can be faltered by lack of concentration and just like Sue she has been shown to feel the physical backlash sometimes.She can only uphold them so long.Telepathy may not work right away,especially of Roro powers are activated.Goodness i'm not saying that Jean can't win,i just feel Storm has a chance with regular Jean. Yes Jean is a l omega,but she has human durability and stamina as well as Storm. Storm isn't far behind in Omega class,not that matters.your status has nothing to do with your fighting abilities anyway. Storm doesn't have good defense,but her offense can make up for that. "

I agree with you, I do think that Storm should be given much more credit than you guys are giving her. Although, Jean Grey still has a higher percentage rate of winning in this battle. If what you say about the "classes" is true, and they don’t matter at all, then why would marvel have wasted their time by placing every single mutant into a class? I do think you are wrong on that. I think that class matters much more than people know. Also, we are talking about Storm and Jean Grey at their strongest, correct?   What you say about Jean losing concentration is probably true, but in this match I highly doubt that an Omega leveled telekinetic is going to lose a battle as big as this one due to concentration, lol. I mean really, give Jean a bit more credit .Like I said before, Storm does have resistance to TP attacks, but Jean Grey is at her strongest, I don’t think that she is going to have that big of a problem getting into Storm’s head, and IF by some chance that is the case, well, I am sure it will cause Storm more than enough pain to give Jean the time she needs in order to use her telekinetic powers. By saying that Jean CAN’T get into Storm’s head you are all indicating that no one can. Jean is considered one of the most powerful TP in the world, her power rivals Charles Xavier’s and in this thread Jean doesn’t have the Phoenix Force. Now just think of what she could do if she did…    

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@The Dark Huntress:
Just wondering, who are you rooting for?