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@ragdollpurps: WOOOHH!!!

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@ragdollpurps: 10,000th post coming up!

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That was my gift to @FadeToBlackBolt: and @rogue_mar1e: for their monthiversary . . .

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Calm down! Fade wins! LOL

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Fade wins . . . Not physically, but he wins Marie's heart . . . This is such a sad story . . .

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Nightwing watches from a distant rooftop as the two lovers snuggle near each other, trying to control his emotions as he raises a picture of Rogue_Mar1e, his dream date. Once upon a time, she would've gone out with him and complimented his ass, but her love for FTBB was too strong now as he watched while rain danced on his skin, drenched with it, but hiding him out of the sight of the two lover. His name was FTBB and he would need to take out the competition.

With a quick flick of his wrist, Nightwing fired his grapnel gun to the building adjacent to him. Balancing on the tightrope and shrouded by the darkness of the night, he was right above Luke, watching as Marie gave a kiss to Luke as memories overlapped in his head, expanding above its size. Marie was walking away by now, making promises for their 6 monthiversary coming up, but he intended to make sure that Luke never attended. When Marie was out of sight, as light as air Nightwing dropped down, ready for two simultaneousness kicks aimed at Luke's chest to get the upper hand. This was it, the battle for Marie . . .

But with a quick manoeuvre, Luke sidestepped with great skill and avoided the double kick, instead pouncing forward with his own arsenal, aiming a double arm simultaneous kick manoeuvre at the once boy wonder. With ease the legendary Nightwing avoids Luke's attack, using his own weight against him and throwing a jab at his chin, staggering Luke. This would be the perfect time to strike, it was witch hour and Luke didn't have his armour on. Raising three Wing-a-Dings, the Circus man threw the three with deadly accuracy, but Luke was trained to study the human body and predict an attack before it happens using body language. Pouncing over the Razor projectiles, Luke gave himself distance and gave a quick tap to his concealed sleeve button, requesting his armour for drop off. But already Nightwing was on the move as he closed the distance between the two, throwing a Bola to drop Luke to the ground and jumping in for a finishing kill . . . Finally Marie would be his. . .

But it seems Nightwing has underestimated his enemy as his opponents armour went into formation around him, as his enemy went in for a powerful punch. Knowing that he couldn't pull off a sidestep at this speed, Nightwing flipped over as his ass took the full force of the blow, absorbing the damage as if it was nothing. His first instinct was to use an EMP, try to disable his enemies suit, but Luke thought a step ahead and switched to his backup power source, charging forward towards Nightwing before being cut off by a gentle voice that pierced the night.

"Stop" Marie stepped forward out of the shadows "Nightwing, we all love your ass, but Luke is my boyfriend" the words cut his heart as his guard dropped.

"I tried to fight for you Marie, for another chance" Nightwing reached his arms out and slided his hands across Marie's cheek as his eyes tore, both shared a moment, but the love she had for Luke was everlasting. "In another world, perhaps we could've been together" the former boy wonder lowered his hand with a heavy heart, turning away from the beautiful woman and walking away as Luke removed his armour in the conclusion of the battle. Raising the miniature photo of Marie once more, a tear fell onto the picture. "Here's something to remember me by" he gave up his one memory so that she might have his . . .

*The End*

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@ragdollpurps: Godmodder! xD

@rogue_mar1e: ROFL! Nightwing is fighting for you!

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I hate homework . . .

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Anyone enjoying my Fan-Fic? It's called 'Battle for Marie'