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@la_espada: I don't watch much FC Barcelona or Argentina matches, what I have to go by is Messi's late world cup period. The tactic of walking around to conserve energy didn't help Messi enough in the end. I'd like for him to take a more active role in the field, intercepting attackers and chasing down defenders. The energy he's conserving needs to amount to something, and against Iran and Germany, it didn't. Rarely do I even see Messi sprinting, or in possession of the ball. I feel that he has a more passive role in the team, and it's made worst when everyone talks about Messi like a genius. Maybe this style worked for him in other matches, but it didn't work for him here.

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@valken said:

Finally got around to finishing Assassins Creed 3 haha! I got it a few months after it came out, shelved it for a LONG time and decided to go back and play it. Overall, the game was just mediocre and doesn't remotely compare to AC2 or Brotherhood (which have been the best so far, imo.) I wasn't a huge fan of Connor at all and there was just WAY to much to do. Hell, a lot of the time I didn't even know what was going on in the story because there was so much.

Also, went and picked up Black Flag and I already like it more than AC3...Edward is awesome.

In my opinion, AC3's failure was a combination of both setting and protagonist. The truth of marketing is that Connor just doesn't work. People want a badass character who they can envy and love, a character who they want to be. Connor's dullness, naivety and (insert other characteristic) doesn't sell to Assassin's creed audience. Contrast that with Edward, and Ezio, and you can see what feels like a downgrade. I get they were going for realism and something different with Connor, but fans don't like that.

As for setting, the American Revolution doesn't click with me, mostly because it's in the United States revolutionary period, which I feel is not as interesting as a european setting (I love Europe), and so much is already known about the American revolution. The architecture was not as interesting as the tall buildings you could climb in Rome and Florence, but this also applies to Black Flag. I feel an American revolution setting was used just to appease American fans, but that's just me.

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@pyrogram: @la_espada: I know i'm late to this, but I have to say Messi was very much overrated in his playing in the world cup final, and against Iran (two games i've seen Argentina in). Mostly because he was having a picnic around the field while his teammates sprinted towards the ball. Even when the ball was close to him, he was still just walking and seemed to make minimal effort. Makes it even more worse that he won the golden ball afterwards.

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@zauberin: I know, I feel the same way. I really want to start actively writing again, but real life takes up so much of my time.

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@zauberin: I'm always here, just not very active :p

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@victorgrey: You have been around awhile, what do you think you need to improve?.

I'm not sure... i'm hoping a good writer can look at some of my posts and tell me how to improve them.

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