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@mrtummytumms: And it still didn't save it...

I was talking about MoS, which gave us a superman which was far off the source material. That's not the issue though, it's that Snyder tried a new angle on Superman, but failed to innovate the character.

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@themetalgearzero: There are a lot of things wrong with that response, but i'd be further derailing the thread if I talked about them.

P.S: "Angles you'd never think of", lol.

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@themetalgearzero: The word 'arguably' doesn't mean anything, anything can be argued for. That being said, how is watchmen one of the "greatest narrative driven films out there" with contenders which are much more deserving of that title. Zack Snyder's take on Man of Steel was a fragmented story, leaping from the past to present and so forth, and this can be done right (see Batman begins), but when overused, it becomes hard to become attached to the story. Hopefully BvS will be more linear, and Zack Snyder gets over his belief that special effects and action scenes are enough to save a movie and make the audience overlook narrative flaws. And please Zack Snyder... stay away from cliches and anything generic...

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@themetalgearzero: Cramming more characters into movies just so Marvel could boast a bigger universe is just going to hurt their pockets.

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Outfit looks much better than the MoS one. Pleased with the haircut as well.

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Haven't seen it with audio, but deadpool looks like a videogame character...

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Batman and Superman would be entertaining to watch if it wasn't Zack Snyder directing it.

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It's both studio interference, and Zack Snyder trying to consolidate his hold on the JLA movie.

P.S: When was Flash confirmed?

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@themetalgearzero said:

@thor_parker82 said:

I love The Avengers, I think it´s the best and most important superhero movie.

Agreed - The Avengers is near perfect. First time watching GOTG - I liked it more then the Avengers... second time through, didn't think so.

@i_dont_like_comics said:

i love the marvel cinematic universe. it has iron man, captain america, hawkeye, hulk, thor, guardians of the galaxy, black widow, loki, thanos and...... and....... that's it. nobody else.

That's what bugs me about the universe...

That's not the only characters in the Marvel Cinematics Universe. There is also the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and X-Men, Blade, Various others.

A cinematic universe is not expected to have many characters due to the long development cycle of movies.

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Color looks muted, unless if they're going to give for a more orange color, I don't like it.