Repressed Memories (Part 2)

Ah, Victor Grey, I believe he is just a mortal now, a weakling. Unable to return to this realm and stuck on earth. How far he’s come from being just Kiros, but how little. I cannot believe I have to work with that man in the military! Hard to believe millennia’s ago his abilities with a sword would make us a laughing stock! How many would ask, “Ares, God of War yet your brother can’t even slay a single monster?” Well, let’s go back to that day, that memory.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Why do I wait in the field? Is Ares even going to come? Kiros stood holding a sword, him and his elder brother weren’t on the best terms, and they weren’t even on good terms. The arena floors was caked with sand, winds conjured prohibited sights of 30 feet in front of you. After much trouble, brother Ares had agreed to help young Kiros in combat training. “Why must I waste my time with him? He will never learn!” Ares argued to a room of gods, but it was of no avail in the end.

Ares stepped through the sandstorm, his face in a frown. He wore heavy fighting attire, and his muscles would intimidate most Olympians almost as much as his reputation did. He held two swords in his hand, a small one and a large one.

“Quick! Grab your sword! I’m not waiting around for you all day.” Ares shrugged and threw a sword in front of the young Kiros into the sands, no older than 12. Young Kiros gripped his sword, able to see his reflection through the steel. But Ares wasn’t here for formalities, he quickly swung his own sword forward with great power, the sword flying off Kiros’s hand as Ares raised his own to neck point.

“Hey! I’m only new to this! Go easy on me!” Kiros yelled out. But this made Ares angry.

“Your enemies won’t be easy on you! Now pick up your sword!” Ares yelled in frustration. Kiros grabbed his sword quickly but Ares stepped forward, putting power and sending the sword flying out of his hands once more. Kiros was getting frustrated, but Ares found joy out of this. Grabbing his sword again, he swung it at Ares, but the elder god blocked the sword with his bare hand, pushing young Kiros the sands.

“Stop it!” Kiros grabbed his sword and swung five times, with Ares blocking all of them as he grinned, finally pushing Kiros to the ground once more as he laughed at the young god.

“This is more fun than I’d thought” Ares grinned, much to Kiros’s frustration. “Now why don’t you take another swing at me?” Ares wanted to continue tormenting the child.

“No!” Kiros ran off, much to Ares’s anger.

“No? Come back here you kid! Get back here!” his voice was drowned out by the distance and sands. Kiros just kept running.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Of course we’d have countless sessions in the future, sometimes the kid grew on me. Sword matches became a hobby, if I won. There were many times where the kid just frustrated me though, still he does, but he isn’t Kiros anymore. He’s Victor now, and soon we’ll meet again.

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Ares, a bully as always. xD
Good read.

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@_Son_of_War_: Haha, thank you. I felt like it'd give you a satisfaction from reading about your character's father, and his first interactions with your teammate.