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Blue hues watched silently from the dark covered brushes of the bayou. In their silent and undisturbed spot they watched and heard the action that surrounded the area. The sounds of fangs penetrating skin. Just as metal penetrated skin in it's own right. The sounds both music and noise to her ears. Fangs exposed she watched the action before her.

Two lovers. Husband and Wife fighting "valiantly" and in unison. It would have been beautiful too any who watched with a heart, luckily, hers was cold and cruel to really care. Though what did interest her was the knowledge of the two lovers. Married, yet belonging to rival guilds, how fascinating. She wondered how the Cajun's guild would react to their now "leader" patronizing with the enemy. Lips curled into a malevolent smile as her mind raced within milliseconds with several scenerios, still the blonde haired goddess watched.

"I'm going to enjoy feasting from you pretty orange one." Victoire spoke softly to herself. And watched as what little of the vampire forces came rushing towards the two lovers and another who'd just arrived. Her eyes focused on the massive figure with interest. "The Vampire..." She whispered. Eyes studying his physique and matching up his power levels. He was going to be tough but she and Cassander had faced powerful foes before and always managed a way to win with their cunning.

Slowly the action died down. It seemed as if Jean and Sariaf'ca had won this battle. Bludhound failed and for that he would be punished. She flicked her hands and long talon-like nails grew lager in size. She stepped from the shadow of the brushes and moved to a vampire who was close-by. One of the "lucky" survivors no doubt. She came behind him and whispered. "You are weak.... and for that... you must pay..." And with no remorse the dark goddes plunged her hand deep within the Vampire's chest and pulled out his heart. The way the Vamp looked at her. The terror in his eyes as he realized he would die soon. Victoire relished in the moment.

"Ahh, even the hearts of our kind beats. Although, yours beats with impure blood. You are not Pureblood. You are not fierce. And you do not possess a warriors heart. For that, you are condemned to death." And Victoire brought the heart close to her lips and let her fangs plunge into the organ of the undead, quickly removing her fangs from it. Blood splattered from it and dripped on the ground. Her palm slowly enclosing around it as she crushed it and threw it on the ground. Soon the Vampire who had once owned it fell beside it.

As the Vampiress turned her head back to the scene that held Jean, Kain, and Sariaf'ca, she could see a throng of the surviving Thieves Guild come towards their "saviors". Many were injured but still they regaled in this temporary victory. Victoire just stood, a dark smile cutting across her face.

"Relish this victory..." She spoke letting her voice cut through the patch of land that held her and her enemies. "...For your deaths await you when the moon becomes full and the ghosts of Nawlins come to take you into ghostly lands of their ancestors. You will never leave this city with life. And you Leader of the Thieves Guild. I will enjoy feeding from you and making you into my slave. I'm sure even my lover would enjoy your company. And you traitorous Vampire.... you will pay..." Victoire turned her back and descended away from the area but not before she spoke one last word that would reach the ears of the enemies. "....And you red and black eyed Cajun... will pay for your past crimes." And the Golden Haired Vampiric Goddess faded into the chilly night.

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Thank you, Eternal Chaos, Sef.

Eyes Sef and moves closer to him. My... you're quite blue, aren't you? Runs her finger across his shoulder. Demonic... yet handsome. Smirks.

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Innocent blood. The sweet taste of it as it dripped down her throat. It was like chocolate to her. And when it mingled with fright, it was a delicacy like none other. Victoire relished in this moment. Her tongue freeing itself from the conclave of her mouth and moved rhythmically across the girls cheek. Her breathing was shallow, she would die soon. But not before Victoire had fed more. Blue hues, stared at her meal before digging her fangs against the other side of the girl's neck.

Warm crimson lifeblood ran deep down into her body. The blood meeting in her stomach and mingling to ease the pain of a Vampiress' long life. The lifeblood rested for only mere seconds before it shot through her body and rejuvenated her cells. Eyes became white with joy, as blood dripped from the side of her soft palish skin. She hissed in excitement and bit harshly into the girl's skin. The teenager fidgeted but Victoire held steady, until the body became limp and useless to her.

The beautiful blonde Vampiress pulled away from the body and caressed it for a few moments. Eyes meeting one of Arcadian lapdogs as they entered. She toyed and then turned her attention to the now dead body at her side. She threw it towards the floor angrily, blue eyes flashing as she rose to her feet, fangs retracting.

Like an evil and dark goddess, her ivory colored dress dropped to the ground. The long tail sliding across with her seductive movements. Hips swayed ever so slightly and subtlety, but if Cassander was paying attention he would notice it. She grinned widely at the Arcadian. Finger moving across the side of her mouth to remove the blood, only to lick it off as she neared Cassander.

Eyes darted at their guest. Ears perked to listen to Cassander and she motioned to the door. "Leave now, Arcadian. We know of everything you wished to tell us. Return to your duties and leave us be." And the Arcadian left them alone. Gliding ever closer to the male vampire, her lips came close to his neck and she took in his scent. Slowly her fangs once again revealed themselves and she plunged them deep into her lover's neck. His blood tasted sweeter than any other. It was a gift she rarely indulged in but tonight she would give way to her carnal desires. There was a war on the horizon, and even they knew things not always went as planned. Slowly she pulled her head back and stared deeply into Cassander's eyes.

"My love..." Her voice dripped with lust. "Tonight for the first time in centuries.... we will celebrate the start of our plans. The start of our empire. The start of our reign... and but for now.... we partake in the pleasures of the flesh...." Victoire's head dove forward, her soft white-colored lips pressing harshly against Cassander's. And for the first time in centuries, the two Vampire lovers reveled in their forbidden love. Love before war.... for one cold Nawlins night.

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Victoire sat in silence listening to conversation between the men. Her mind traveled elsewhere, as she sat, her porcelain-like skin glistening against the lights of the oval office. The other night had been grand for her. An opening night Concerto at La Philharmonie de Paris. She could still feel the way the ivory keys moved along her tender fingers as she played her heart out. The standing ovation. The cries for encore. But that paled in comparison to the treat after her grand concert. Ahh, yes. To feed from a musician was always most satisfying to her, but to feed from a classical musician was a delicacy like none other.

His eyes so blue, they stared so tenderly at her as they moved to the dressing room. His eyes told her everything she needed to know. He thought they would partake in the carnal pleasures, if only he knew it was his doom. Her mind reared with the feel of the warm blood down her throat. Sweeter than anything she'd tasted in months. But then there was blood much sweeter and satisfying for her, although she would never dare say it verbally.

Her thoughts had been interrupted as the sound of steel against flesh came across her ears. She stared to the scene before her, Cassander and the President. Cassander seemed disturbed and this caused the blonde bombshell to raise a brow. She moved forward, her hair resting neatly against her back. She watched Cassander with some concern but dare not move. It was best for them both to keep their composure no matter what the situation, although she was ignorant to the happenings.

Her eyes followed Cassander's meeting his for a slight moment, and whatever had him riled up must have been serious. She stood, as he turned to leave and followed in close step. As she came out of the door, she made sure to flash the men in black a beautiful fanged smile before disappearing with her leader.

She entered the limo, and sat at the far end. Cassander soon laid a picture across her lap and her eyes widened in surprise. "That wretched man is worse than a cockroach." She hissed and threw the picture back towards Cassander, listening to his words. As he finished, she gave an awry nod.

"Very well then... What will you do in the meantime?"

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Bee-otch. :P

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Haha, Bitches!

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