i hate...

yup, i hate...

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Posted by Korg

Yellow hasn't been a weakness for GLs for years now.


 you're entitled to you opinion but how can you hate DC ?  in my opinion , they 're the best
Posted by ViciousCesar!
@Korg: meh'.  
 @KNIGHT SAVIOR: 98% just doesn't seem appealing to me and i'm just not that into characters that are from space or get powers from space. and, that's most of the DCU
Posted by B'Town

Yay!  SuperMinion  is on the top of this list.  # FrAcKiNg ONE.
Posted by sithfrog

I agree on Supes being overrated and WAY too powerful.



Nice Jim Lee art on the background too by the way.

Posted by GR2Blackout

All you hate is DC characters. Wow.

Posted by TheCannon

Only DC characters? I like Marvel more, but you can't have a list of things you hate with all DC. There has to be SOME Marvel.