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Black Diamond Probability – Mission One: Black Ops 0

Team 7 Issue# 1 – Black Diamond Probability – Mission One: Black OpsTeam 7’s first mission!The team is suited up and off on their first assignment. Lynch remotely briefs them on their ship piloted by their Ace Pilot Summer Ramos. They are on their way to a special prison created to house Meta humans, Facility 9. It has lost communications. With little Intel, they must investigate the prison and report their findings. With no prior unity, Team 7 will have to learn teamwork on the fly.The GoodJesu...

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Bright New Yesterday; Tomorrow 0

[Bright New Yesterday]I have to admit this was my first encounter with [Snyder/Capullo]. I am immensely angry at myself for not reading their work earlier! Having witnessed this and the compliments from fellow readers I am hooked.[Tomorrow]Just getting to the end when it all came together made me speechless. I like this match-up.[Tynion IV./Clarke]The Good[Bright New Yesterday]Capullo’s art was the first thing that kept me focused and engaged to every panel. His vision of all the soon to be BatT...

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Mission Zero: The Majestic 7 0

Re-introducing a previous team in a new universe? Time will only tell how well this will integrate into the 52. The best any first issue can do is fabricate a solid setting. Team 7 #0 did just that.The world is a dangerous place. Humans are now aware of esstraterrestrials and individuals with superpowers. When intensions and loyalties aren't apprent with said individuals a team is needed to protect the world.Team 7 is the special task force to occupy that void.Your country needs you. Your World ...

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Frankenstein Meets His Maker! 0

Who wouldn’t like a book about a green monster obliterating any obstacle that pissed it off? *ahem* Well this wasn’t exactly the usual story. With the line of NEW 52 0’s, this issue covered the origin of Frankenstein the future agent of S.H.A.D.E.The GoodImages of Frankenstein ripping off body parts and cleaving every monster and adversary in his path always proves to be a bonus. The art that Ponticelli and Faucher did brought a certain style that absolutely befitted Frankenstein. It was drawn i...

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