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She could be the Baroness from G.I. Joe?

Anybody else seeing this ?

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While I haven't looked into the RPG's going on here, I'll assume that they are text based play-by-post RPG's.

MSH(FASERIP) is a set of written rules that allow two or more people can take part in live(originally) face-to-face table top narrated stories. Basically, a real time custom response story that your home-made character takes part in...or if allowed, a pre-existing personality within the Marvel Universe(EX: Spider-Man, Dr .Strange, ect..) that you play/control.

If your some-one that can follow a written(...say a novel) or verbally shared story, and picture people, events and places well within your might be up your alley. Much more-so if you have friends that share your level of imagery hardy imagination. Given that it usually takes at least two to play. One to tell the story, and one to take part in it.
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Gambler says:

"Well I'll take responsibility for the crappy pics in Gambit's gallery. I was being a point whore. "

Hehe, even if I had an issue w/it I couldn't be cross w/this kind of direct honesty. I'm a big supporter of owning up to what's yours, cuz passing the buck is a far too common trait.

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I thought the movie was awesome, and can't wait to check out the extras on the 2 disc special edition.

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I'll also admit to submitting pieces that aren't to my taste, because I know that there are others that will enjoy it/them..

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Perhaps you played it once, or perhaps your a regular player. Or maybe you've seen it and would like to "give it a spin". I'm just curious about how many here are even aware of it....and to what degree.

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Buckshot says:

"So you're saying there is nothing wrong with images that point to other sites, images filled with text that is unreadable anyway (whether because of size or language), or that there are so many images in some galleries that for some it takes a long time to load the page? A little effort could make any of those pictures better. Whiting out the text in the word balloons of the first (or just getting rid of it entirely becuase it's a lot like most of the other images in the gallery), cropping the second (I think it's too small anyway, but if it had to be there, cropping would get rid of much of the unreadable text at the cost of a leg) as well as the third and fourth. The "bashing" is an attempt to raise the quality of what's on the site. If people are free to think it's good enough to be put in a gallery, aren't others also free to disagree about it and say something?
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Given that the gallery request from the mods calls for non cover art(but if submitted, they have requested that the pic be edited to focus on the subject of the gallery), but comic art...that leaves panel art that includes bubble text as a strong and viable source for gallery submissions. What I have seen stated, is that regardless of pic quality, more isn't always needed. Basically, every great pic/image of character X doesn't need to be submitted for inclusion in that characters gallery. Or, that no matter quality.....there can be such a thing as just TOO many pics per character.

I'll say again, that an attempt at raising quality when the subject is any form of art is an argument or stance standing upon a weak and almost bottomless foundation. Its the equivalent of going to the National Art Museum, and stating that X piece sucks, and then attempting to prove it as fact or something that should be recognized by the museum its-self...or the mass majority of patrons that enter the museum. This of course would and does not include a piece that has been largely of heavily vandalized(...or tagged) in a fashion that prevents most of the image from being enjoyed or made visible.

  • Given that its an opinion based subject, there is no proof that one position is correct...while the other is not. As such, right and wrong can not be defined.

I would also assume that if it was accepted as a submission by the mods, than its seen as an acceptable submission and worthy addition to the Vine.

I'd like to add that I myself have seen a number of character gallery pieces that aren't necessarily my taste in art or images, but I keep in mind that just like in much of life : There are things that others enjoy, that I do not. So I move onto the next piece, and enjoy what's there that does suit my taste.....and allow other to do the same. I know that I don't care for those certain pieces/images, and really that's all that matters or as far as it needs to go.

Keep in mind that large/heavily tagged pics that seriously detract from the original art do not apply to the opinion shared above, as stated.

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The problem is what's crap in the way of imagery, writing and the like is completely subjective. What's needed even less is creating discontent within the community by bashing the contributions made by other members...or stamping them unworthy of the site. That, and given the number of Vine members carrying an issue with the subject as compared to the community as a whole...means that its either widely accepted or liked and should be left as is.

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G-Man says:

"I don't get why there's arguing here. It's ridiculous. The only thing I will add is the word "dupe" is thrown around meaning "DUPLICATE." All this arguing makes me not want to deal with the pages in question. The Delete/Combine pages are to let the staff know that a page needs to be merged. Take your battles elsewhere like the rpg boards or something."

Apologies G-Man.

And perhaps to Shatterstar, as I wasn't aware that dupe is used in such a fashion on the boards. If duplication was your meaning within this thread..I apologize to you as well.

By bad, my misunderstanding.

To anyone that had this bring your day/vine experience down.....I offer the same as stated above.