Top Black Female Superheroes

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Posted by PoetessX

And somehow you all managed to leave off Monica Rambeau aka Captain Marvel aka Photon aka Pulsar aka Spectrum! How the hell is that?! How do manage to not mention one of the most popular black female superheroes? Who by the way was leader of the Avengers?! And everybody else here just happens to be more popular? According to whom, exactly? Seems to me like she would have been number 2 on this list. But what do I know, I just grew up reading Marvel comics!

And then you have Thunder on here but not her sister, Lightning! What's up with that?! I also see there's no Voodoo from the WildC.A.T.S. either. Yet another very popular black female superhero. I'm not just talking ladies to make up the field . I'm talking viable superheroes. Please, explain this to me! Thanx!