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@i_like_swords I'll be honest with you, I was a little disappointed by the end-credits scene. Because I WAS TOTALLY EXPECTING ALEXANDER PIERCE TO BE REVEALED AS THE RED SKULL.

This was another (minor) thing that made me sad, because Red Skull hiding in another person's body? It's exactly what the character did in the WS arc, and what he's done in multiple story arcs.

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One thing that Brubaker did really well was that he cemented the relationship between Cap and Buck. Cap was the icon, while Buck was the assassin. But the two of them were like brothers. And the implication was that Steve was haunted for years by his survivor's guilt, and eventually got over Bucky's death, but now suddenly he finds out his oldest friend has actually been a brainwashed killer for decades? That's the tragedy of the Winter Soldier.

Now I get that you probably don't have the time to get into too much in a 2-hour movie. But I thought they could've emphasized it a little more. Cap didn't seem to react much to the revelation of Buck's death beyond the initial scene where the mask dropped (unless I'm forgetting something). Whereas in the comics, Cap spent issues thinking through the implications: how he failed Buck, whether or not he should kill Buck, is Bucky still even human et cetera. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a big WS fan that it kinda bugs me.

Though I gotta say, that scene where Steve goes, "Bucky?" and then WS replies, "Who the hell is Bucky?". Greeeeatttt scene taken straight from the comics, they executed it perfectly.

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@veshark said:

Speaking as someone who's seen TWS...there's one particular scene in the movie that illustrates why Cap's superior physicals can thrash someone with arguably superior fighting skill. For anyone who's seen it, I'm sure you know what I mean, and it pretty much cements why Steve should take this.

When he jumped out of the elevator? Or the fight at the beginning on the ship?

Against Batroc, in the ship. You could argue that Batroc had the skill edge, especially in the first portion of their fight. But once Cap decided to use brute force? His ass was finishded!

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@frozen said:

Much better than Iron Man 3 or Thor 2, both of which were mediocre. The scene with Peggy was uplifting, that is something I was disappointed The Avengers did not address, but now I'm glad it didn't.

You found the scene uplifting? I thought it was really tragic and sad...Peggy getting Alzheimer's really tugged at the heartstrings.

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Yup, I caught the mid-credits scene.

Let's try to think of all the comic/canon references made in the movie....I remember the Helicarrier's engines being Stark repulsor tech.

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@i_like_swords @experio Great minds indeed.

But while I really liked the movie (and the Cap vs. Batroc scene is now probably my favorite 1-on-1 fight in the MCU)...there was one major flaw that kept bugging me when I left the theaters. I don't know if any of you noticed this but...

For a movie called 'The Winter Soldier', it doesn't have a lot to do with the character of Bucky. In fact, Bucky almost feels like an afterthought in some portions of the film. The original story arc by Brubaker was very centered on the relationship between Steve and Buck. That was the main driving force for Cap. Here, the movie seems to be more focused on this idea of HYDRA taking over SHIELD, as well as drawing parallels to the modern NSA age. Which is a great theme and all, but I felt it took a lot away from Buck. At some points, he just felt like muscle for the bad guys, with a little personal relationship to Steve tossed in just to make the movie subtitle make sense.

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@theamazingbatman said:

@juiceboks said:

Round 6 he stands absolutely no chance in hell.

@vmole said:

Oof, he ain't getting past Round 6.

He does have a chance , he defeated the hulk alone.


616 Cap did beat Hulk (with some minor help from Spidey). Though it was written by Jeph that pretty much tells you about the validity of said fight....

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Alright, eff it.

I know the movie's not out in North America yet, but I can't take it anymore. Having seen this sequel, I'm dying to discuss it at length with somebody. Call this an early discussion - for all those of us who were lucky enough to not live in the U.S. or catch preview screenings. Haha.

So come on, let's start chatting. How was the movie's portrayal of Bucky? What were your favorite fight scenes? Is Widow's new hairstyle better? How was TWS compared to Thor 2 and Iron Man 3? How much did you dig Cap's stealth costume? Were you expecting the HYDRA twist? And how much did the opening boat scene remind you of the first time you played Call of Duty 4?

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@tigerkaya said:

Batroc of course she lost to Winter Soldier yet Batroc has made out okay against Bucky 3 times without losing.

When did Batroc fight Bucky?

I think he's talking about the comics....