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Haha sure why not.

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SF hands down. I can't really get into fantasy....magic and knights aren't really my thing. I've never even seen LoTR or GoT, and I can't really get into books like Thor or WW.

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Up against moon knight, you either kill him or he goes all out. Guy has the best pain tolerance I've seen on a street level char, and as a previous poster said his truncheons cancel out most of batmans gear.

And I don't remember him losin the suit either.

Seriously, what's wrong with the notifs system?

As the OP said 'Both are intent on killing the other at all costs', meaning that Batman is going to go lethal. Consider how impressive Bats already is without resorting to brutal force, and now the gloves are off. MK has impressive pain tolerance no doubt, but Batman is no weakling in that respect either (see the Court of Owls). And how do his truncheons 'cancel out most of Batman's gear'? I love MK, but Bats outclasses him in overall skill level and feats.

I'm pretty sure he was wearing his regular costume in Bendis' Moon Knight, though like I said earlier, I may be wrong.

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First off, why put all the blame on Bruce Timm when countless others were responsible for the DCAU? And you think that Superman was a wimp just because his power level isn't as high as his comics counterpart? Realize that it has nothing to do with a personal 'misunderstanding' of the character and everything to do with a storytelling perspective. They need a weaker Superman to give him more compelling battles. And for the record, the DCAU Superman is actually one of the tougher and less-wimpy incarnations of the character. His Clark Kent was confident and even witty, and his Superman was firm and strong. His battles against Darkseid should be a good indication. As for the rest of your comments about Diana and the Amazons, you haven't given anything to back them up.

Honestly this entire thread just feels like a flame bait or a grab for attention. The world must be coming to an end if comic fans are criticizing the DCAU with the silliest of reasons.

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I didn't like this song at first but the more I hear it the more it grows on me

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Most of Yeezus is like this for me too. A couple of listens more and I start enjoying the songs. Even if some of the lyrics on this track are kinda retarded....

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Please don't. I mean I love Rosenbaum and all, but he plays a good young Luthor, not an older more corporate-looking Luthor.

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I'm pretty sure MK doesn't have his moon powers anymore, and last I checked, he stopped wearing his carbonadium armor (though I may be wrong). Given the assumption that Batman is willing to kill, I'd bank on Bruce for superior skill and gadgetry.

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@dondave said:

If it's when Dick was Robin and Bucky during World War II, I'd give it to Team 1

This. Also if this is WWII-era Cap.