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Wonder Woman. Ya'wara just doesn't do it for me. Must be the hair.

On the matter of Diana's artists, I think both Chiang and Daniel bring their own styles, and both are talented artists. Chiang's Wonder Woman looks more grounded...I don't want to say butch, but her proportions are more realistic I guess. When he does slim down the midsection, he can draw quite an attractive but still practical Diana though:

Daniel's Wonder Woman is more standard superheroine, but you know, that has its merits as well. His WW certainly has a more shapely figure, but on a whole, I don't think he falls into the extended-bosom-and-bum or super-skinny-waist Liefeld-esque problems in general.

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@teerack The brain one's a little odd, granted, but I think they listed him being a ruler of a country that has a vibranium supply because, well, that position is what makes him rich.

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@teerack @force_echo @night4345

For those who are interested in King T'Challa's wealth:

By tribal law, the Black Panther controls the Wakandan economy and all of its wealth is his. All of the nation's vibranium technically belongs to him, and the metal is estimated to be worth 10,000 USD per gram. If we assume that the vibranium isn't inert and T'Challa is still King, then he would very well be one of the richest superheroes. The list does make some errors though (e.g. vibranium isn't stronger than adamantium in terms of tensile strength).

Though even after the events of Doomwar, Wakanda's wealth has hardly declined apparently. They've spent years liquidating vibranium reserves and investing in emerging economies, and the nation of Wakanda is one of the richest in the MU.

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My Team vs. Spectrum

I disagree with your points on Martian Manhunter’s FTL feat. For starters, there’s no indication he was aware of the ship’s direction or that it was in his sight. Remember that J’onn was pushed out of the ship in a surprise-attack, so he didn’t keep his bearings. In the following pages, the ship is never shown on-panel, implying it has flown a great distance away already.

J’onn is never shown to have kept an eye on the ship as it flew off, his focus was entirely on saving Gypsy. And I don’t understand your argument for Manhunter’s TK either. He was chasing an object at FTL speeds and then secured the object with a TK grip. Ergo, J’onn was thinking/reacting at FTL speeds. You can’t apply human limitations to Martians.

Fernus doesn’t think at human speed-levels of thought. He’s a being that operates on a far greater scale than humanity; his nerve-conduction is a lot faster than ours. As for Spectrum, why wouldn’t she be visible? Monica travels as a shining beam of light. That’s why her codename’s ‘Photon’ or ‘Spectrum’ – she’ll be a bright line heading for my team.

And as for her speed, based on present showings, Spectrum’s – at best – a little over the speed of light, and still less than Martian Manhunter’s own reaction-time. There’s really nothing preventing Fernus from intercepting her blitz with a telepathic attack.

On Handbooks: While I do agree that there are some entries that are incorrectly-written, Spectrum’s certainly isn’t one. If you can’t produce a feat of her flying MFTL, then far as I can tell, her Handbook entry is accurate. And for the record, I’m talking about the Marvel Handbooks, not the Marvel Wiki. The site doesn’t even list a source for its 1-ton claim on Blade's strength.

Here’s my take on the matter: the Handbook entries are the authoritative work on the character’s limitations, unless there have been multiple occasions where it’s been shown otherwise. And if you can’t produce a single MFTL showing from Spectrum’s 300+ appearances in the Marvel U, then I think we can all agree that she’s just a little over lightspeed at best.

And far as my Task Force feat is concerned, it did indeed show Martian Manhunter reacting to an object moving at x8 the speed of light. I don’t see why you claim that he had ‘several seconds’ to react to a lightspeed object – to be honest, I’m not even sure what that means. Martian brains operate at a far greater speed than human brains do.

A TK grip isn’t like pulling the trigger to a bullet, a TK grip is the psychic equivalent of physically reaching out to grab something. For J’onn to have seized the ship via TK, he would have had to have FTL reflexes/thought-speed to psychically grip the object in motion.

Your Scans

1. Oohkay…I don’t know if we’re reading the same scans here. Where does it say that she’s being mind-controlled by Mephisto – matter of fact, where is Mephisto? I think you might be confusing the Vision for Mephisto here, given that they both have red faces and huge collars…

2. I don’t see why you’d need proof of the matter when Miss Martian has never shown feats on J’onn’s level. By your line of logic, every human being is as strong as one another or as smart as everyone else. Just because they come from the same species doesn’t mean they have the same skill and experience levels. This is before I even bring up the fact that she’s technically a White Martian, not a Green one. And her being unable to isolate Static’s mind doesn’t mean her TP doesn’t work on him; it just means that she’s not skilled enough to isolate one mind in a crowded city. And again, nothing in this page indicates that Static’s powers even nullify TP.

3. No, the point is that it took a great deal of effort on Static’s part and was an isolated incident, not something he could repeatedly do. The implication here being that electricity – at best – only provides a limited defense against the Anti-Life Equation. It doesn’t make you immune, and it doesn’t generally interfere with it either. And again, how comparable is the ALE to Martian telepathy in the first place? Sure, they’re both capable of mind-control; but one’s a superpower while the other’s a mathematical formula.

4. As I covered in my first post, the basic idea is that my team will be cutting off Monica’s powers. If not from a power-source like Firestorm, then by introducing mental blocks or telepathically preventing her from activating her powers. This is not against the tournament’s rules, and is a perfectly feasible countermeasure. In fact, 'weakening' and 'influencing' via TP are perfectly kosher, as the thread's conditions state.

Given the fact that Fernus was able to rewire brains and make the insane villains of Arkham Asylum into sane citizens…I have no doubt he can telepathically prevent Spectrum’s brain from tapping into her powers, or even make her ‘forget’ about her abilities. It’s not about turning off her powers. It’s about turning off her brain’s ability to use them.

Bear in mind that Regular Martian Manhunter could only make Joker sane for a few moments, while Fernus made it a permanent change. That should tell you about the sheer power and skill of Fernus’ TP. Regardless, this is more of a footnote in my argument. Even if it fails, it won’t affect my overarching strategy.

As for Monica’s knowledge of using electricity to interfere with TP (which, again, doesn’t work), that’s all just pure guesswork on your part. Unless she’s been shown on-panel to have used such a tactic, there’s no proof that it’ll even come to mind. You can say that Spectrum’s ‘leader of the Avengers’ and all, but theory and application are two very different things.

And no offense to Spectrum, but she’s been portrayed as someone who doesn’t really understand the full scope of her abilities. I mean, there’s even a running plot thread in Black Panther Vol. 4 of T’Challa reminding her how she can use her powers. In fact, his exact words were: “You use your powers in such mundane ways, it makes me sad.”

Regardless, I’ve already addressed the issue of electricity vs. telepathy, and so far you haven’t refuted my arguments either. Even if Monica switches to electrical form, there’s no evidence that it’ll do anything against Fernus’ telepathy. If that were the case, J’onn wouldn’t have been able to communicate with Electric Blue Superman or interface with machines.

As for her energy form, I doubt my team has to resort to cutting off Spectrum’s powers, actually. A single TP strike from one of the most powerful telepaths in the DCU…against a heroine with zero telepathic resistance and minimal experience with mental attacks? The TP attack should be powerful enough to shatter her concentration, reverting Monica back to her standard form.

Case in point, in the following scans, Martian Manhunter is able to stop a battle-royale between multiple superheroes with a single telepathic strike. Do note that Maxima – one of the DCU’s most notable telepaths – was also affected by J’onn’s telepathic stun. This is what Regular J'onn does when he's relaxed and simply trying to calm his fellow heroes. Imagine what Fernus can do with all his power and lack of morals at his disposal.

My Team vs. Darwin

In the time that it takes for my team to blitz and destroy Darwin, do you really think that he has the reaction-time to respond, much less even see my team? Darwin’s adaptation powers are nullified, and unless his standard eyes are good enough to spot two FTL objects in motion, this ‘weakness’ power is effectively useless.

And if Darwin has to ‘want something’ to adapt, how would he adapt to mind-reading then? Again, mind-reading is something that Fernus can do without Darwin even realizing it. Without being consciously-aware of it, would Darwin’s body even adapt? You’ve also neglected to note that my team could very well use Nullify before telepathically locating him.

Your telekinesis analogy is also flawed. The only thing TP and TK have in common are that both come from the mind. That’s like saying heat-vision and x-ray vision are the same thing as both come from the eyes. Proactive and reactive adaptation only differ in whether Darwin consciously uses it or not, but in practical application, they do the exact same thing.

As for the Hela scans: nothing in the panels points to it being a conscious decision on Darwin’s part. What are the indications? The fact that Darwin wanted to tank the attack isn’t a prerequisite for him choosing his adaptation. The panel implies that he tanked Hela’s death-touch, and simply trusted that his adaptation would somehow find a way to save him.

And the fact of the matter is that Darwin has an extremely vague powerset – particularly in the context of a debate. To say that he can use these isolated instances of adaptation against power-types he’s never used them against before (i.e. Despero and Fernus’)…well, it’s hypothetical, to say the least.


To reiterate:

  • I have already provided a feat of Martian Manhunter/Fernus reacting to an object moving at 8x the speed of light. The speed of the ship is significantly greater than Spectrum’s flight speed.
  • You have yet to provide a feat of Spectrum moving at MFTL speeds, thus making your earlier claim erroneous. As the majority of her feats and her Handbook entry show – her maximum speed is, at best, slightly over the speed-of-light. Meaning that her flight speed is evidently slower than Fernus’ reaction time.
  • Fernus will not be depowering Monica, he will simply be preventing her brain from accessing her powers. There is a distinction here, though I should stress that this does not play a key role in my overall strategy.
  • Spectrum’s counter-tactic of turning into an electrical form to disrupt Fernus’ TP is not a valid option, as I’ve already detailed. It’s not effective versus Martian telepathy, and Monica doesn’t have the knowledge/time to execute it.
  • In short, Fernus is perfectly capable of reacting to Spectrum, and his telepathic strike will shatter her concentration, reverting her back to human form, and leave her open for the subsequent illusions/death.
  • Darwin can’t adapt to something he’s not aware of, so my team’s telepathic scan will be effective. In addition, my team could very well use Nullify before telepathically locating him, as the Perk has no apparent limitations of distance.
  • ‘Adaptation’ is one powerset. It has two methods of application, but it should be classed as one ability in its own terms. While we’re still waiting for Cos to come to a decision on this, trying to separate it into two powers just seems like hair-splitting to me.
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@yodagod said:

@veshark said:

A better matchup might be to pit Magneto against Graviton. Those two have remarkably similar powersets.

Been done. Everything Graviton has done, Magneto has matched or surpassed. Not to mention greater versatility and significantly greater intelligence.

Not in the context of this matchup, and it's a closer battle than Geo-Force, at any rate.

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@veshark said:

@cosmicallyaware1 Hey Cos, can I keep the HF for Lobo but just put restrictions on it? E.g. He can regenerate wounds but not...say regen from a drop of blood. There are a few characters here that have HFs anyway.


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@veshark said:

A better matchup might be to pit Magneto against Graviton. Those two have remarkably similar powersets.

Graviton seems a bit more powerful, don't you think?

Mags does have his fair share of high-end feats to compete, I feel. You should read some of the Grav vs. Mags debates on this site though. People argue that Mags is superior on account of electromagnetism playing a greater role in physics than gravity. Viners be getting their Peter Parker on up in those threads.

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Loving the debate guys!

Thanks, bud. We'll be sure to tag you during voting.

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A better matchup might be to pit Magneto against Graviton. Those two have remarkably similar powersets.

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@sophia89 Relax, friend, I'm just pulling his leg.