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@thexx I haven't been compelled to pick up Original Sin. Far as events go, this one's premise just doesn't seem to interest me. That being said...just reading off what you guys mentioned, I bet Fury & Bucky have an ace up their sleeves. Course I can't say much else on account of never having read the story, but Fury & Bucky are two peas in a pod. Shadowy WWII-era spies who straddle the line of morality is their thing.

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Team 1. Without Doors neither one of team 2 has any way of getting to Iron Man if he stays out of reach.

Pre-52 Aquaman has his TP. Though in fairness, Tony does have psi-shields, and I'm not sure if his R.T. node gives him TP protection. I know Extremis made him immune to telepaths.

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@veshark: Nah, this is Clare's symbol from the manga Claymore. I think it's supposed to look like an upside down sword and the resemblance to the psychology symbol is a coincidence. I don't know too many people that know Greek, sharp eye.

Ahhhhhh. Ha, I had to memorize the Greek alphabet for a high-school project once, still got it. One thing you can't deny about the Greeks is that they've got a b^tchin' looking alphabet.

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@veshark: Maybe, hasn't school let out by this time?

I haven't a clue.

Totally unrelated: what's your AV, Sov? Looks like the sign for psychology.

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@veshark said:

@danial79 said:

The original series was pretty good, as was the first half of Marc Spector: Moon Knight (the second half sucked), but I still think the 2006 run is my favourite (yes, including Down South!).

Word. Okay, yeah, the 2006 run pretty much slid down to mediocrity once Huston left the title but that first opening arc is still glorious. That's still one of the best character relaunches I've ever read in comics.

I reckon vol 3 slipped quite a bit post Houston but it picked right back up in 'Down South'. I really enjoyed that arc. Oh and about Houston's run. While it was excellent. It was kinda anticlimactic at times. The characterisation was for the most part stellar but really could have done with more action. Oh and the way Khonshu acted during that run grew very old, very fast.

I don't know, I didn't feel like there was too much of a lack of action. Maybe it's because I'm more of a character-focused guy, but I thought the action scenes throughout Huston's 13-issue run were entertaining enough. I mean, you can't deny Finch's pencils are glorious - this was when the guy was still at his artistic peak. And Mico Suayan's work later on was pretty solid too. That opening fight scene in #1, and the final Bushman battle in #2...both still remain as some of my favorite action moments in comic-books.

I agree that the Khonshu shtick lost its novelty as the book went on. That being said, when he first appeared like that, I thought it was brilliant idea. It was like this awesome modern-day update of the character, something that gave him a cool storytelling gimmick. One of my favorite lines in all of comicdom is when Khonshu tells Marc to stand up, and Marc says he can't. Then Khonshu replies with a, "I'm the god of vengeance and the moon. Not the god of whining and self-pitying. Get the f*ckup."

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@veshark: All Star is a great book. Cant say I've read Ultimates. Definitely on the list now though! Saying you've read a book a dozen times is a pretty great reccomendation.

Hah, that's great, hope you enjoy it. I think we all have those comics that click with us so well we can't help but reread them over and over again. There are plenty of great comics out there that I would recommend, but it's the few like All-Star or Ultimates that I can't get enough of.

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I think I've easily read every comic in my library at least 3 times from cover to cover. Maybe All-Star Supes or Millar's Ultimates would be my most-read. I've probably read those two books well up to 10-12 times by now.