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Oh don't get me wrong, I never said Eternal Warrior won't put up a fight, or that this is an easy win for Green Arrow. I'm just of the opinion that Ollie takes the majority in this matchup. I've conceded to Gilad's durability, but for speed, I doubt he's the fastest in this battle. Winter Soldier himself has comparable if not greater speed feats than Eternal Warrior. And GA himself is quicker too. Dodging gunfire is pretty standard for street-levelers; it's nothing Ollie hasn't pulled off. And between the impossible trick shots and the sheer amount of accurate arrows that he can fire at rapid speeds - I'd argue that Green Arrow has greater reaction time. And if you want to discuss movement speed/maneuverability; an injured Arrow was able to outmaneuver Ivo's Trinity androids for days in the Kielder Forest. Anyway, as ILS noted, movement speed and reaction speed are not exactly interchangeable. I really don't think Eternal Warrior is quicker than Ninjak in terms of combat speed, on that note.

And while it is true that Ollie won't use lethal-force, his arrows allow him to take Eternal Warrior down with nonlethal means. Most-notably, while Gilad seems to be very resistant to blunt force, it appears piercing damage is his weakness. I'm fairly sure he's not bulletproof (considering he had to find cover against gunfire in the Webnet arc). And Gilad, as aforementioned, has also been knocked out by a javelin and a rifle bullet. Considering Ollie's standard arrows were able to pierce the skin of the Shaggy Man - an android that took hits from Martian Manhunter and Hawkman - I really don't think Green Arrow will have too many difficulties hurting Eternal Warrior. That's not counting other trick arrows like sonics and flash that can serve as distraction tactics. And I'm also certain that Arrow can determine EW is a superhuman fairly quickly - I think Ollie's fought enough enhanced humans by this point to note the difference.

I don't think Eternal Warrior has 'super sight' either. In Unity #0, it's never explicitly confirmed that he has enhanced vision, only that he was able to spot the submarine (with the aid of binoculars) that Breaker couldn't. And that snake feat isn't anything that an average comic peak-human couldn't accomplish. Gilad likely just has sharper vision than the untrained eye. Regardless, I don't think it's really comparable to Green Arrow's goggles. Oliver's goggles mean that he can see with clarity in the night, and that he'll be able to spot Eternal Warrior's position even through solid walls. And your argument for the Hounds' reaction speed is...a bit of a leap, in my opinion. I'd argue that it wasn't that the Hound's sonic scream didn't affect the bullet - it was that the bullet reached its target before the Hound could complete unleashing its attack. I base this off the panel - the scream coming out of the Hound's mouth isn't a solid column of blue as it's usually shown to be. The Hound was in the process of using its sonic scream before the bullet cut it off.

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@slimj87d said:

@veshark: well at least come back and check your pm. I'd like to keep in touch and see how things are going with you.

Yeah sure, feel free to shoot me a PM any time

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@veshark: You're back for a CaV? Oh man, can you tag me for it when you're initiating it?

*EDIT* Just forget it, I saw that you only asked a question. lol

Haha. Well I'm definitely up for a CaV if anyone can provide a good match of any tier.

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@i_like_swords: @veshark: Aric took down the Armorines leader in his newest issue. He couldn't beat him head on, so he drained him.

Aric has also said he used to be stupid, and he clearly fights smarter nowadays.

Yeah, I read that issue, it was a good fight. I'd argue that it wasn't that X-O couldn't beat Zahn head-on though. It wasn't that brute force couldn't do the job. It's just that Aric knew he had an immediate means of ending the battle. It wasn't a last resort attack so much as a one-shot attack. We've seen Aric display knowledge of this ability before in Planet Death (and I believe we saw Gafti use it against the Vine invasion fleet too), so it makes sense that X-O would utilize it.

And against Ultimate Colossus, I still maintain that X-O Manowar will more likely go for the CQC option. It's not that Aric's stupid or arrogant, but there's definitely an element of honor involved. We've seen Aric repeatedly state his dislike of cowardice and 'cowardly' tactics (e.g. against Ninjak or Eternal Warrior or archers in general...), so him spamming attacks at Colossus from the air just doesn't seem in-character for the Visigoth king at all.

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@slimj87d said:

@veshark: Are you back again?

Hey Slim. Well I probably won't be posting as frequently as I used to, but yeah, I'm kinda back.

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Honestly, I see this playing out similar to the 616 Colossus vs. X-O BOTW we had a while back. The problem is Aric's fighting style. While he does employ stratagems on occasion, his preferred tactic is always head-on melee combat. He's a Visigoth, so he has a tendency to fight on a flat plain, and I don't think he'll keep his distance and use aerial bombardment in this scenario. In straight-up CQC with Ultimate Colossus, he's going to get beaten on account of his opponent's vastly superior physicals.

When Ultimate Thor (an opponent with a similar powerset to Aric's) tried to engage Ultimate Colossus in melee combat, the X-Man trounced him for about ten minutes. This is the same Thor who took on Supreme Power Hyperion; the same Thor who nearly took down an entire team of Ultimates/EDI heroes. Ultimate Colossus has been confirmed by his Handbook entry to be able to "move a submarine weighing thousands of tons with extreme effort". He was durable enough to only be KOed by a localized nuke. Colossus doesn't even need vital organs like his heart to survive.

Overall, I'm giving it to Ultimate Colossus on account of X-O's fighting-style.

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Here's a handy guide for legal purposes ;)

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Hey all, not in right state of mind, but your gain. Who wants to debate the best damn Ultimate Marvel debater this site known?

Do it for the respect.

Ultimate Thor and Invisible woman.

Subject to change naturally.

For Ultimate Thor, are you using Tech Thor or Godhood Thor?

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@i_like_swords The real-world sucks with its commitments and responsibilities.

Debating about fictional characters is where it's at!