Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Iron Man 3

Just saw it. Some spoiler-free thoughts:

  • Mandarin's storyline was a little underwhelming. I get that it served the story, but I'm foreseeing some fans of the character being upset by this
  • Loki was the best MCU nemesis, and Red Skull was alright, but Tony still suffers from a lack of an opposite. Killian and the Mandarin don't feel convincingly motivated, and as villains, are unremarkable
  • Iron Patriot feels redundant here - the original was created to replace Cap and Iron Man, but I hope Rhodey gets to go back to War Machine, we don't need two US flag-wearing heroes
  • Feels more Lethal Weapon and less Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a good action movie, but I'm not entirely convinced it's a good superhero one - especially in comparison to its predecessors
  • A little annoyed by the lack of Tony actually being Iron Man...which considering the narration might kind of be the point of the movie, but still
  • I did think the movie was a good depiction of Tony’s genius though, how he is still a threat even without the armor
  • There are some good character moments in this, especially between Stark and the kid. I thought this was going to be another annoying kid sidekick shtick, but it turned out very entertaining
  • A lot more banter and witty comedic moments than I had anticipated, courtesy of Shane Black I suppose
  • I wasn't really convinced by the reasoning for the Avengers and SHIELD not being there to assist
  • The final battle was suitably epic, especially for the enemies, and all of the armors appearing was a f-ck yeah moment!
  • The plane scene is really one of my favorite scenes this year
  • I'm glad that Don Cheadle gets some cool action moments, even if he doesn't appear much till the later half of the movie
  • Minor nitpick, but they should've just used Mallen instead of Savin
  • I like the shoutout to AIM
  • I anticipated some of the plot twists simply because they’ve been used in the comics before – like the POTUS switcheroo and the end of the plane scene
  • I was a little saddened that all of the armors in the final battle were original designs, and not designs inspired by the comic looks. I thought it was a waste of a good opportunity to give some fanboy references
  • On that note, I still don't like the new armor. It looks like IM with most of the red paint stripped off, like a chocolate-covered nut without the chocolate
  • The biggest disappointment was that the movie kinda missed the point of Extremis. Extremis was not just fire-breathing dudes or regeneration, it's reprogramming the human body to do anything. Extremis was the natural progress of Iron Man - from a man wearing a suit of armor to a man literally being the armor. This movie...well, yeah, no.
  • I always thought it was pronounced Extreme-is, like extremist. But it’s pronounced like extra from extract in this movie. Extra-mis.

Despite the overall negative tone of my thoughts, I did actually enjoy the movie. I might need a rewatch to fully absorb the movie and formulate a full opinion, but I thought it was alright. IM and IM2 were more enjoyable, but this could grow on me. Feel free to leave comments below - do you agree or disagree?

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