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Thanks for the info, again, everyone. I did not really have any clue about the numbers but I thought Grayson would have been doing at least as well as Higgins' Nightwing. That being said, I enjoy both runs. What's more, I think they compliment each other (which is a welcome change considering how some writers may come on to a title and throw whatever work the previous author had done to the four winds). Higgins set up a strong DG and Seely and Co are following through on some of those themes

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Unfortunately "it would be dumb" does not guarantee DC will not do whatever "it" is nowadays. But thanks for the info everyone!

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I noticed that the solicits for Grayson do not extend past March on Has it been cancelled?

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I've been thinking about this a lot and I think it would be really interesting to see Dick Grayson assigned to the Suicide Squad after this. Say, Spyral is brought down, no doubt due to him helping in some way, but he is put in custody because he was still working for a shady entity. Bruce didn't intend for this to happen and, though he tries, he cannot get Dick out of jail. He is transferred to Belle Reve. Waller offers him (and Helena....she's there, too) the same "opportunity" she gives the rest of the Squad members.

We find out later that Waller organized the arrest/conviction because she saw Dick's potential as a leader for the team---someone who could unite them and make them more of a cohesive unit. This opens up all kinds of interesting interactions as well as following up on some of the decisions Dick has had to make in terms of the way he looks at the world (given his time in Spyral). It gives room to continue and explore the relationship between him and Helena (which, I hope, is lasting). Finally, it gives Dick a team in the N52 and a chance to prove his leadership skills. If written by a good writer, i think this could be enjoyable

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@hushofthewind Pretty much. The idea seems to be "Well he's super attractive, she's super attractive, why would they not get together?!" No actual thought into relationship dynamics at all.

I agree with both of you but here is the one thing that I think would have made the Dick/Donna thing better: the fact that their relationship actually developed organically in comics. There are literally years, possibly decades where their friendship was developing from the early titan days until they took over the JL and beyond. To see something grow that like seems to be kind of unheard. I mean, most of us can tell who is going to get together with who because its set up that way but i feel as though this kind of happened naturally (though i did read there was a romance planned at some point). So while I would be content just to see them have their amazing friendship, I also think it would have been cool to explore. Then again, maybe not because some writer would undoubtedly come along and either "kill" one of them or make uneccessary drama)

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There's also some interaction around Batgirl #3 and Nightwing#4 (I think) that hints at more Dick/Babs stuff in the N52.

In terms of directly addressing the topic, I haven't read Eternal but it seems to me that much of Babs' interaction with Jason has not been positive. Also, it just seems weird unless Babs is really going for the whole bad boy thing (since Ricky.....wait, whatever happened to that guy)?

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As if the Dick/Babs relationship was anything to write home about. Seriously, what is the appeal in that coupling?

Batman the animated series lol,I actually think it's one of Dick's worst relationships

Yes. That's what the majority of fans based their liking for the pairing around, which I can't necessarily argue against, because I thought they were solid in that show and had potential, and what's more my liking for comics started with that show. I've just since moved beyond it and don't expect every little thing to be the same. Though, the pairing did have some steam and history Pre-Flashpoint. It just wasn't the same as what happened between them in BTAS. Dick had even proposed to Barbara right before Infinite Crisis.

Problem with BTAS is that it's canon eventually lead to Bruce and Barbara... which I can't even get my head around how that came about.

Regarding Dick/Babs, I suppose it's fine to like the coupling because of how it was in BTAS. But I just wonder if thats really the way to go considering the comic versions acted more like brother and sister?

Btw, think Dick has the worst luck when it comes to marriage. Infinite Crisis practically voided that proposal, and the one to Starfire ended up with Raven showing up and blowing the priest to kingdom come before the 'I do's'.

I don't think one should necessarily look at one work (In this case BTAS) and assume the same people will or need to have the exact same relationship in another medium, however I wouldn't really say Dick and Babs acted like brother and sister in the comics. Even though they never had a relationship until later years, after Dick was Nightwing and such, there was flirting going on between them.

So it definitely wasn't written to the same extent that Dick/Kori was, because Dick quite simply didn't actually work with Barbara all that often when he was Robin, but i'd say an attraction was always there.

Dick's luck in marriage is pretty much the same as Bruce's lol Status Quo is God after all.

@midnightdragon18 In terms of Dick/Barbara never happening in the New 52, no, that's fairly wrong. Just like Dick and Kori, Dick and Barbara have had some form of relationship that goes beyond friends, and both fully acknowledged their feelings for the other.

They note that the timing always seems to be wrong for them and ponder over whether they should try again, and even when it's clear they can't because of different priorities at the time, they clearly care deeply about one another. Heck, Dick asks Barbara to go to another city with him, which is a fairly major step to take in any relationship. And we also see that just like Pre-Flashpoint, the hints to the relationship were still there between them as Robin and Batgirl. Dick/Barbara hasn't been fully shown in the New 52, just like Dick/Kori hasn't been, but they've been together to some extent, and have made it clear to the other that the feelings still exist in the present day. That's a major reason why Jason and Barbara shouldn't be together.

There's also a certain amount of squick that comes with the idea of a younger brother dating his older brother's ex-lover. It's understandable why Jason would be attracted to Barbara, but not so understandable why Barbara would be attracted to him, and Jason's past actions against the Bat Family, plus his role again as Dick's younger sibling I think would turn her off the idea. And at the same time, besides the physical, I don't see why Jason would want to pursue a relationship with her either.

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I have come to the conclusion that I think they work together better than any other pairing I have seen him in (like how it developed sort of organically. Also still hurting from what's going on in Batman

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I've been hearing rumors lately about a "thing" developing between Babs and Jason. This topic has been raised on the Nightwing boards, just wondering what the Barbara fans think about this

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I think there is a logical reason to think that Nightwing can't protect the city based on the events of Battle for the Cowl.

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