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I love the idea of Ross as the Red Hulk.  Y'all need to relax... watch the sunset... listen to calming music...
Anyway, I think the end is near for Rulkie.  Last issue of the Scorched Earth arc: Banner mentions that if Rulk keeps absorbing 'life energy of sufficiently powered beings' or words to that effect, he's going to burn out one of his 'storage cells' (Ross or Rulk).  Backup story: Uatu the Watcher talks about the red hole, how it absorbs life energy to create a nigh-unstoppable killing creature.  This thing picked up on the bio-sig Rulk left on the Watcher and it's scooting off to Earth.  I have a feeling when Rulk squares off against this big chunk of life energy, something's going to short-circuit.  Whenever that will be.
'Course, I'm not sure which incarnation's going to be left.  It could be safe to assume that Rulk is going to burn off and leave Ross permanently depowered for future generations of comic writers to play with. (the same way he isn't Zzax any more, either)  On the other hand: at the current time Ross can't be seen in his human form!  The world thinks he's dead thanks to the earlier LMD ruse, and if he ever shows up in public he'll be hauled off for treason.  There's a slight chance his human form will disappear, leaving him trapped in the body of a monster.  Kind of ironic, though it's been hashed over before during WWHS (See his last interaction with the Leader.  Also, I like to think it's one of the reasons he surrendered to Banner/Hulk, besides the much more obvious one that Rulk couldn't beat him).  Could end up being a little like Ben Grimm's situation, only much more angry and right-wing.