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So this list is pretty random, but characters that I like in the comics i've read/people i'd like to learn more about. they're almost entirely DC characters with a few others mixed in, just because that's what I've read. I have to be honest though its based on comics, TV and movies, so if some seem like they're not that cool it might be because they were cool in something else. I'll try to write a little thing about why I like each person..As I read more, i'm sure it will get updated..

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yikes! one of these characters might die in something you're reading/about to read... sorry :-(

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is the Flash you have at 13 Barry, Jay, Wally or just the concept? I notice you have Wally down at 36 and no other Flash on the list
(tough love) :-) 

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@humanfly26: hey good call, I changed it. i like the flash in general, but barry's my fave, so i switched him in...
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you put sylar on the list, but not Peter, Hiro or any of the others?
(yes, i will continue to nitpick your list until it is perfect :-) )

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I like your choices

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@Wurl124: thanks! I'm hoping at some point I can pick 95 characters that I actually like to complete that quest, but maybe i'll just make a different list..
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a lot of new entries on the list! i have a couple questions though...
No Plastic Man?
Jay Garrick and Ted Grant made the list, why not Alan Scott?
Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark made the list, why not Conner Kent or Bart Allen?
Big Barda made the list, why not Mr. Miracle?  
Peter and Hiro made the list, why not Matt Parkman?
Goku, Krillin and Tien made the list, why not Yamcha and Gohan?
To be honest though, the buffy characters surprised me the most: no love for Spike, Giles, Xander or Oz?
You don't have to add any of these people, I was just curious why you picked these particular characters. Maybe you could write a blurb under some of them to say why you like them?

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@humanfly26: To be honest, I hadn't realized that I didn't have the other buffy characters on there, so i'll have to get on that right away. I think I must have added them at some point but never saved the list, otherwise it just doesn't make sense. I can't decide my feelings about plastic man, so I'm not sure about adding him. As for Alan Scott, I just didn't think he was as cool/funny/personable as either Jay Garrick or Ted Grant. When I think of the JSA, he doesn't come to mind first off. Ted Grant's like the old guy whose a badass and funny and gruff and jay is like a nice old grandpa-y/father like figure.  Alan Scott to me is just like... the old green lantern who wasn't nearly as cool as Hal Jordan, wasn't a good father and his redeeming quality comes from the fact that he's trying to be a better dad now. I liked him in the last couple things I read with him in it, but he never stuck out and had no distinctive personality other than being sorta mean before that. I'm going to have to add connor and bart, i didn't like them as much at first... but i really liked connor by the end of his life and I do like bart, so thanks for pointing out that those two were missing. I don't think I know anything really about Mister MIracle other than him being Big Barda's man. So maybe i'd have to read more with him in it to like him. Matt Parkman is a good call... As for Yamcha and Gohan.. i find yamcha annoying and not very tough. He's always like oh man wolf fang fist and then fizzles out and doesn't win or do anything worthy of writing about.. and are we talking Gohan sr. or gohan jr... i'm still thinking about Gohan Jr.
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@verismydeer0: gohan jr. of course... I surprised that you excluded Yamcha because he was annoying, but you put Bulma on there! I see what you're saying for all the other ones, but I feel the need to point out that Alan didn't even know he had kids until they were entirely grown up, so you can't fault him that much for being a bad dad...
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@humanfly26: I'm not faulting him for being a bad dad, i just think that was the only exciting/important thing he had going for him. there's no other depth to him that i see. but again, it might just be that i havent read enough with him in it, but i wouldn't like wanna hang out with him. As for Bulma... at least she does some important things. The girl is annoying and dumb, but she's also really a genius and always doing the technical stuff and none of dragonball would have happened without her. plus i kinda like when she's all mad at the boys.
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nice list, Im a big Mr Terrific and Darkseid fan

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You have a lot of my favorites here. :D