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There really are people who think Bryan Singer is a good director? I mean to say that First Class is worse than any of the first three movies completely baffles me.

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As usual, very good article Babs!

Keep it up!

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Totally agree with this.

As an heterosexual young man, I didn't like the Starfire beach scene in Red Hood.

It felt so wrong and plastic....

I'm giving Red Hood another chance, but if it makes me feel like that again, basta.

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@Jolt92 said:

Catwoman is the fucking best.


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Hi Scott,

What do you think of the criticism regarding Red Hood and the Outlaws (and Catwoman)?

Do you think female comic fans are overreacting to the ''superficial'' depiction of Starfire and Catwoman?

And lastly: Did you have a female audience in mind when writing Starfire, or were you going for the male fan service?

Thank you for your time,


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Action didn't work for me

I almost didn't pick up Superman, thinking it would be the same, but I'm glad I did

One of the best of the 52, IMHO. Crazy that there's such a contrast between the two, even though they depict the same character!

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I really enjoyed this issue

Great emotion, art, action... everything!

Gonna stick with this series for sure!!! :D

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I didn't like Action, don't know why, it just didn't work for me...

I enjoyed Detective and ABSOLUTELY adored Batgirl. Deathstroke and Grifter were just OK.

Batwoman and Batman and Robin were sold out, so I'll have second prints Wednesday.

Also picking up Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Supergirl, Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman and Red Hood.

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I absolutely adored this issue!

It's the first time I read Batgirl, so I might not have the best perspective, but I find the writing and artwork in that comic perfect!

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I've got to say, I look forward to the revamp. 
I started reading comics only recently, and was guided towards classics such as Knightfall, Year One, Killing Joke, etc... I've since then wanted to start reading single issues, but it IS overwhelming to jump in a series with such baggage as Detective or Action Comics. DC might not attract too many newcomers with this revamp, but I can say proudly that I will be one of them.  

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