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I would hide my powers in plane sight. For example if I had to use telekinesis in front of someone I would probably just convince them it was the greatest magic trick they had ever seen.

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I doubt the bike would be able to maneuver at such high speeds.

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Out of the hundreds of dragonborns the player could make which one would they choose?

Also I think dawngaurd would make for a better movie than the main story.

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It seems to me that when people were complaining about not having Hank Pym create Ultron in Avengers 2 they didn't really think it through first. Most reports on the Ant-man film say that it will feature Hank Pym as the sixties. Large portions of the film will focus on Scott Lang, Pym's modern day successor. The Ultron in Avengers 2 could easily have been created by Hank back in the sixties and then remained contained or undiscovered until the Avengers 2. So don't worry the Avengers: Age of Ultron will likely not destroy Hank's legacy.

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Has 4001 posts.

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of dead cats

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Jackie Chan can wear a wig.

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Test says I get twenty to my inflexible moral compass, but I'm sure in real life I could just shout random quotes till they all run away.

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One night I was in my room with a friend and we were trying to see who could find the best scary story. I was on my laptop and he was on his Ipod. My friend had moved here from Germany several years ago and English was his second language. The last thing I remember I was here on the creepy thread and it was 5:00. Then I woke up in a hospital and it was 10:00. My friend and my family were standing at the foot of my bed looking scared sh*tless. After I woke up they tried to explain what happened to me. At 5;30 my friend who was sitting across the room heard me have a coughing fit and looked over to see that I was doubled over in pain drooling into my keyboard. He got up and helped me sit up. He noticed my computer had blue-screened. He said I seemed normal until he said my name. Then my eyes rolled back into my head and I had a massive nosebleed. Then I turned my head toward him and recited every single detail of the worst nightmare he had ever had in perfect German. He started to cry and didn't know what to do so he yelled for help and my grandfather came running. When he made into the room I turned towards him and started to gleefully describe every thing that he had went through as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. My grandfather began suffering from his PTSD. When my mother arrived home my friend and grandfather were still both mental wrecks sitting in the living room barely aware of anything. When she came to my room I was sitting at my computer nose-bleeding when I turned towards her and started giggling. The blood from my nose was flowing into my mouth and coming out of the corners of my mouth as I grinned. My mother called 911 and when the paramedic arrived she too was sitting on the couch crying. When he came to my room to collect me I was passed out on the floor from blood loss. On the wall I had carved a message with my fingernails. The paramedic said it was a list of the seven deadly sins repeated thirteen times in Spanish. Later we managed to get my computer working again and looked at the browser history there was only one address. It led to a website with a black background and nothing else. Then we turned the sound on. Every ten seconds you heard a little girl scream gibberish. But when you played it backwards you heard "Hell is Heaven."