Freestyler is the leader of the Redeemers. In a five-man band dynamic he is the hero. Before he became a superhero Freestyler was an adrenaline junkie, base jumping, rock climbing, free running, underground fighting you name he tried it. Then one day as he is driving home a drunk driver slams into him out of nowhere and both of their cars crash into a building setting it ablaze. Despite being badly injured in the crash he manages to pull a family out of the burning building. Professor Black having witnessed this takes Freestyler, barely alive, to a safe house. Where he hooks Freestyler up to a machine that puts him into a coma. Then forces his body to rebuild itself from all the injuries it suffered in the crash and the fire. When Freestyler awakens he has enhanced senses, strength, and agility. His strength is great enough o allow him to lift and throw a motorcycle but not a car. His can see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums and his hearing is similarly enhanced.

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The Redeemers are the new rookie superheroes in the Icarus Universe. They can't compete with most other heroes toe-2-toe. They were started by a mysterious man named Professor Black. However he disappeared before he could finish putting the team together he disappeared. The two superhumans he had managed to recruit began to look through his warehouse after he went missing and found files on each person he intended to recruit as well as a vast array of equipment to be used by his team. They decided to honor his memory and finish his work by putting the team together. They are called "The Redeemers" because many of the people they need to recruit are mercenaries and thieves who need to be turned to the side of good. As well as the fact that they have reminded many of the previously corrupt and broken heroes of their world what it truly means to be a hero.

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I probably should have explained this more last time. These characters I'm talking about are not ones I plan on putting into the marvel,dc or image universes. I intend for these characters to populate a universe I am tentatively calling "The Icarus Universe" as in the mythological Icarus. Just like in the Marvel and DC universes superheroes have existed in this world since WW2. This has caused some differences in the history compared to our universe. One of the biggest differences is that the USA did not drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Instead they dropped a superhuman known as "The Atomic Kid" on Japan. This kid creates a massive aura of hard radiation( hooray for comic book science) that takes the form of an uncontrollable Godzilla sized monster whenever he bleeds. Needless to say he had the same if not greater effect than an A-bomb. Thus in their version of the cold war we didn't keep building better weapons, no we engineered more and more powerful "People of Mass Destruction". In the end most of them escaped and the superheroes of this world tried to fight them off. Every superhuman who fought in that battle died, destroying the states of North and South Dakota in the process. Those that didn't fight hid till things cooled down. This is when the universe takes place during the "Reemergence of Heroes".

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The Trickster

So each day (for a while at least) I'm going to be explaining some of my ideas for characters. (I plan on being a writer someday) I am going to start with one of my more recent, and thence less developed, characters. His name is the Trickster(let me know if you come up with a better name) he is descended from the trickster gods of various mythologies, such as Loki, Anansi, Coyote, and Hermes. Unfortunately the gifts that were past down from each one seemed to cancel each other out. Except for the one gift all of them shared intelligence and knowledge. Whenever he touches someone he learns everything about them and everything they know. For example were he to touch, say Bruce Lee, he would know Bruce Lee's birthday, age and have all his memories and knowledge. His costume consists of a bad-a$$ longcoatwith a hood that appears to have a cross between Coyote ears and Hermes wings coming out the top. His face appears to be covered in cobwebs. He tends to let out terrifying laughter in the middle of fights or interrogations. The police consider him a lunatic vigilante and really hate his guts.