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I'm looking around the internet and I found a big month+ long poll/vote about the "Game of the Decade" and that sounded cool.  Well, it turned into a "provide your own list" and I don't have time for that so I opted out.  Thn the (somehow) compiled a list of what they felt were the best examples of possible "Games of the Decade"  Some we agree, some we disagree, some have never heard of.  Fine.  I still feel that games and their installments should be viewed as one game (Halos, Metal Gear, FF, etc.) so for the most part I treated the different brackets as though they were the best representation of the game.  The problem arises when Kingdom Hearts comes up against Kingdom Hearts II or Final Fantasy X vs Final Fantasy X2.  Sure, KH2 takes it, and FFX2 wasn't even really its own game, but WTF?!  Also, Zelda: Windwaker is making a move at the best game of the decade.  As it stands its in the top 4!  WTF people?!  WW had no less than 42 hours of tooling around in a boat just "walking" between islands.  Not fighting, not storyline, not exploring, just walking via the quickest route to get to where you wished you already were.  42 cursed hours!!!  Really?  Is it the most boring game of the decade?  The worst waste of time game of the decade?  The let's let our brothers/sisters/grandparents pick the game of the decade??? 
I really have this feeling that people have lost all common sense in most facets of their lives and it isn't a good feeling.
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Posted by castleking

lets get people talking about games.
i am a final fantasy fan goin back to nintendo that is right you heard me right.

Posted by VenomMagus

See, you and I are on the same page.  Windwaker took it, BTW, and I just died a little. 
With the quality and replay value on these new games coming out now it is very little surprise that developers are marketing remade games.  I can't wait until Excitebike comes out on the PS4: because even in its time, that was not even close ot the pinacle of excitement.