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Going by the issue itself, and everything covered here I'm going with that he's not deceased (does this matter in comics?) and just in character limbo until it's stated in full (likely in a Handbook update). It seems the direction, and logical one, that the writer is going is to fully secure Flash Thompson in the mantle of Venom in every necessary way, being for one by having Brock challenge him of course, and establishing that Brock has what it takes to do so, whereas Flash will win and prove himself worthy of the title, as opposed to where many readers have seen him for a longtime as being second fiddle to Brock, and incapable of taking Brock (on a side note, I noticed this notion and thought to myself that despite the claim that Flash stood no chance against Brock lately, that the symbiote itself compensates for this by having the same wealth of experience, as well as inside knowledge of Brocks thoughts? I think it's just nostalgic fanboyism despite the claim it isn't, and the inability to move foreward from the 80's, dually noting that the news article here focused on the Venom series as if it were Eddie's book and story and Flash was the guest antagonist? Just putting that out here). Likewise I agree with the idea that Brock will become the new Toxin, or at the least remain just Brock to remove him from the mantle either way and secure it for Flash, as his standing as even Anti-Venom still denoted the Flash/Venom character as the second rate version in most peoples eyes. Pat/Toxin unfortunately is in a league of many, many "new" Marvel characters, as well as symbiotes that did receive his own character development and TLC, but that effort was dropped in favor of making him into a plot device used for nostalgic revival support. At least the Flash/Venom and his books cast represent some sort of active change (in a way) as opposed to stasis, it's refreshing to see.

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I know he doesn't, but it will add that that extra O.O to it. Go all out, have hideous demon or baby faces and what not form from it, or reflective living molds of the faces of those who look at it.

The artist on Mind Bomb knew best that when drawing the symbiote, the potential for horrific is limitless if one breaks down the walls.

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@InnerVenom123 said:


One query though, why is Cap's shield bonded with symbiote?

Because it looks cool. =P

Works for me then. It would make my day if the shield had a working Carnage mouth on it as well with a tongue as well. If your going to go disturbing, go straight nightmare fuel.

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At first glance, unappealing and maybe a bit too out there.

But I won't let that first glance set. I felt that when I first saw an image from the last Carnage mini, or an indication of kookiness but that series proved me wrong all the way.

One query though, why is Cap's shield bonded with symbiote?

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In it's very essence we are a spoiled species, and nothing wrong or bad about this per say, it just is the nature of things, extreme to the point that it isn't so much a factor that we don't recognize what we take for granted, but we know we can get away with being as demanding as we are. Just about everyone want's their version of perfection, the clash inevitable though often overlooked by the individual, especially in the case they are a consumer. There was a large reason people actually wanted the full scale of Y2K predictions to occur: to be free from what compels them.

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In general. Those places as well as some of the others I listed for one reason or another tend to have the exact kind of persons attract to me and that I attract, and for reason of either choice or a lack of control, I'm unsure, are compelled to come to me and put me in awkward situations every time I've visited and too numerous and colorful to really list by situation, hence, how.

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Not I, but not my era's. More for me I'm specific by the exact title and rather delicate about the whole process, so and era, or company, or title never factor in for me because I savor and disfavor the minute differences. But I understand the thought process, I can see the pattern within every generation of art, music and entertainment and how a persons viewpoints and preference's have a tendency to be aligned with what portion of it first amazed them.

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CV's temporarily loss, you really fun this up when your around. Have much fun in video game land!