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Great Comic! 0

This is a wonderful comic about the Hulk returning to earth and is more savage than ever (but less savage than Mindless) and we find doc samson, Who realizes Bruce banner is still alive when he turns into the hulk, but Thinks that Banner is the reason why the Hulk is always hurting and "Killing"....

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Ultimate Spider-man#106 0

this was a wonderful story as you got to see the emerging of Ronin, but the fact that all these super-powered guys wanted to take down the kingpin, well, he got what he deserved. The one part I didn't like was the Moon Night's personality's constantly fighting and how Ronin almost killed moon knight (in Moon knight's mind) but anyway, it's a great read for you spidey lovers out there!...

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Ultimate Spider-Man #67 0

this was good (except when it showed wolverine in the bed), the great thing was when they switched bodies spider-man truly understood wolverine at the end instead of him being (in spidey's mind) Some crazy guy, I also liked how they had to stay in communication all the time to learn how to use their powers and fight together "HOW DO YOU POP THE FRICKIN' CLAWS!?!"...

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Days Of Rage 0

This was one of the hulk comics that you just can't bear to see if your a hulk fan. The Hulk loses complete and total control the cool things where that the Hulk went from 100 tons 1 second to about 200 tons another second. It was cool to see Him fight thor at full power(I mean thor) and just shrug it off, that and him destroying a %100 pure adamantium statue of himself and crush his hands staright into it. But overall it's a 3 1/2 out of 5....

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Viscious Circle 0

This is actually the first 80's Gray Hulk Comic I've ever read, But I have to say, it has everything a comic needs. which is a plot (an actual one instead of Red Hulk) and I think that this is great because you get to see what happens to gray hulk when there is NO moonlight where he gets really, really mean and i love the Fight with Wolverine at the end and then hulk saying "Let everyone know I'M better, I'm the better man!" and the Thunderclap part was nice. Although I wish I had the next ish. ...

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The Incredible Hulk one of the best old comics around 0

This comic is a great origin story for this character if I had this comic I'd probably read it at least 3 times a week. I love how the make Igor a russian spy trying to get the information to create the weapon. What I think is very great also is The Hulk kicks some russian and millitary butt in THE FIRST ISSUE!! Now I may be one of the bigger hulk fans on comicvine but it you like action, Hulk,grey Hulk, and Suspicion , This is your comic!...

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Ultimate Spider-Man #72 The Hobgoblin: Part 1 0

This is a very interesting story, If you missed the first Issue than You will see how he get's his powers in here.Also I love this because There's a twist- - Harry Osborn who last time we saw said he would kill Spider-man comes back to Midtown High and starts to take MJ. And then tries to be Peter's friend, but peter remembering what harry said the last time they Saw each other. And Over all It was a good story and I loved the End....

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