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I don't think anyone's going to die.. death OF the family could mean a lot of things, without anyone in particular dying. The title is a play on the words of the old title, doesn't mean there's also going to be a death like there was in death in the family

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I agree with op and prefer seeing Babs taking the place of Batgirl, and not having Oracle on Batman

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Batman Inc

Teen titans



Just something with Bane please.

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So, here it says that the TPB will include Suicide Squad #8-12 and RESURRECTION MAN #9

That's 6 issues...for 192 pages? o.O something's gotta be missing. Does anyone know the real listing? I'm wondering if it's going to include either #0 or #13 or even both.. Cause 192 pages is more of a 8 issue sort of TPB

The reason i'm asking is because i'd like to start getting SS issues monthly but will only start doing it at whichever issue comes right after the second volume..

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I thought of that too (it's what i do with non-comic hardcovers, like novels) but with the pets i have around here and everything, i wouldn't like to risk leaving the dust jacket exposed like that.

I suppose it might also need a board though (the jacket), otherwise it'll probably crumple very easily.. In fact it might even need more than in the back and one "inside"?

On the other hand, I don't see why having the hardcover itself "exposed" (as in, not covered by the dust jacket) inside a bag would increase the possibility of long term damage so, unless someone corrects me in this assumption, i'll just go ahead and do it :p

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I like hardcovers.. but i hate reading them when the dust jacket is in place! I was thinking of maybe stripping them of the dust jacket and storing them on different bags. Is that a good idea or does it make any of the two things more prone to damage?