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@Nova`Prime` said:

Where does the idea come from that because a study holds the rights to certain characters or teams that those rights involve every single thing that ever appeared in their pages?

Well, all i knew for sure is what Cap10nate said. That the FF rights include Skrulls and Galactus, was just wondering if they had stuff like Kree as well

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Just something i've just wondered, how much of cosmic marvel can Marvel actually do in the movies? Isn't most of the space races owned under the fantastic four movie license?

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I also noticed that in the previews it mentioned the return of a team people have been asking for, which team was that?

Going from this quote "PLUS! The reappearance of a team of characters you’ve been clamoring for!"

So who is that team?

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New to posting so i wasn't sure quite where to put this

Spoiler for Avengers Assemble #3 and The Avengers Movie

But in Avengers Assemble #3 we see the return of Thanos to the main marvel universe, as an obvious tie in to the movies

But i'm confused, how did Thanos get back to the main universe after being locked in the cancerverse and why has he not gone along with his destroy the universe promised scream

Also what does this mean for Starlord/Richard Rider Nova