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@lukehero: sorry, Luke, but I'll need some time to read these threads(I'm a bit busy with my tourney :/)

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@sovereign91001 didn't Rachel with the Phoenix Echo easily overcome Gladiator? She may truly be too much.

@primez0ne said:

@primez0ne said:

@funsiized: @veitha Hiei is not above mountain busting and both Hiei/Mimic will be nerfed in speed so I don't know what the problem is.

Can I trade Blaze for Mandarin?

Can someone BFR another character to lets say outer space and if that character can not breathe in space will that count as a K.O.?

When Mimic copies Magneto's powers will that be half of the limit(100 tons) or half of Magneto's full power?

@veitha Did you see this? and on the topic of Hiei I can limit him to Before three kings arc feats if needed

And thanks for letting me keep Magneto

sorry but I hadn't seen this. Fine.

@beatboks1 said:

Can I swap my Mage from Sargon back to Arion.

Powerwise there is nothing in it (if anything Arion is lower in power, more capable in spell craft and creativity)

I've been hunting for my issues with the modern Sargon in them to get scans ready and i can't find them. Because I use Arion so often I have a pretty full folder with his scans already.

yeah, Arion is fine.

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@veitha: you still haven't reasponded can I trade vision in for m powers and healing factor. Also I'm not sure have you read the pm I sent you cause there are multiple cloning characters here and you are limiting all of them to 100 Think about it this way how many regular people would it take to take down war machine or Skaar and that is what the clone limit should be.

ok first of all, no trading characters for perk points.

Then as for clones, I'm limiting them to 1000 and you cannot copy more than 100 items. People should be able to take care of that.

@veitha: oh yeah I'm keeping basic knowledge instead of the web shooter shield and claws kit


@veitha: Is Rai replacing Shinji OK?


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It seems like Betsy has a new psionic weapon every issue lol.

yeah hahaha. I like them Wolverine's claws.

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@laflux: true.

As for the battle, fanboys stomp. And damn it I saw my reflection in your description of fanboys o.O

Emma Frost ftw guys (and you will never stop a Batman or Storm fan from defending their favourite characters and you will never ever win a flame war against a fanboy)

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@jmarshmallow said:

@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2 said: Aint powerman and luke cage same person?..

That's exactly what I was thinking....


current Power Man is a guy called Victor Alvarez. He's got chi powers.

@fallschirmjager exploding buildings and stuff on that level are not in character. He was full of rage and unleashed his potential. That is not likely to happen here. I think that he's likely to win using nails and subtle stuff

Oh and Psylocke has got strong TK

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I wanna start watching Avatar

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Current Magneto's powers are not the same as they were before. He can still manipulate metals, but his range is limited, the amount of weight he can lift is very limited.

Wheter before he could have thrown you an Hellicarrier, now he has to use nails to get his work done.

Battles take place here:

Win by death, incapacitation, BFR or KO.

So why don't you put him against some street level guys? This is going to be hard for Mags, but his powers are still perfect for this kind of battle so...

  • Round One: Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow. In character, morals on, random encounter. Standard equipment for both sides. Magneto has got no nails for this first round, but he can use metal picked around;

  • Round Two: White Tiger, Power Man, Luke Cage. Magneto has got nails, chains, barbed wire and ferro fluid(standard equipment). No prep time for Mags nor the team.

  • Round Three: Iron Fist, Wolverine and Shang Chi. Standard equipment, Magneto has got nails, chains and barbed wire at the start of the fight and one hour of prep time.
  • Round Four: Uncanny X-Force! Deadpool, Psylocke, Fantomex, Archangel(no Wolverine). Standard equipment for Mags as stated above and one hour prep time for Mags.
  • Round Four: Scarlet Spider and Superior Spider Man. Standard equipment for both of them. Mags has got two hours to prep for them.

So what do you guys think? Will he clear or will he stop before reaching round five?

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@serrure said:

@veitha: i am missing some Jean Grey scans so ill do my best. for my intro but after that i'll have to wait until i get home


Here's a team that I've been waiting to use for a looong time.

Blonde Bombshells

Emma Frost

The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club, current member and leader of the X-Men, Emma Frost has been many things during her life. Business Woman, villain, cruel dominatrix, teacher, superhero. But mostly important, she's always been one hell of a telepath.

Emma Frost was born with telepathic abilities that rival those of Charles Xavier, one of the world most powerful telepaths. One of the main differences between Emma, Charles and other telepaths have always been her morals and her skillset.

Being the kind of woman she is, she's never feared about using her telepathic powers to achieve what she longed the most. Add to this her great skills(she's arguably the most skilled telepath in MU, when it comes to pure skills) and you're going to face a great threat that won't mind destroying your telepathic barriers. Mind control, telepathic surgery, psibolts, illusions and other neat telepathic threats are what you're going to face here.

She's also developed another mutation during the years. An indestructible, telepathic impervious diamond form that gives her some super strenght and also lets her survive in any environment without sleeping, drinking, eating or feeling emotions. And she does truly look spectacular in the light.


Colossus's sister, Illyana was naturally born with teleportation powers that allowed her to travel through an Hell-ish dimension called Limbo to reach any destination, both in space, time or across dimensions.

She was later kidnapped by Belasco and her soul was turned into a weapon: the Soulsword. Whoever wields the Soulsword is the legittimate ruler of Limbo and can destroy and kill any magical being.

Recently she's eaten Limbo (lol) and now she's more powerful than ever. I'm not going to use BFR or insta-Limbo teleportation here because it would be a bit onesided(she's a reality warper as long as she stays in Limbo), but remember that she's still a strenght to be reckoned with. If you consider her training with Doctor Strange and her Darkchylde form, you should never dare to face her.

Invisible Woman

Thumbs up for me for having the woman who single-handly took down the entire Avengers crew! The most powerful member of the Fantastic Four... Invisible Woman!

She's able to create force fields of incredible strength and power, capable of taking hits from Hulk and Celestials, and the applications of her powers are limited only by her fantasy. They can be used as a weapon, as shields, to simulate TK or to do subtle things such as exploding your head. Shields stop TK, matter transmutation or even mind controll.

She can of course also turn invisible by bending the light surrounding her body. She can also turn other people/objects invisible and she's used this power also offensivelly to blind her enemies.

She's strong-willed and she's the mother any children would want, always ready to fight for her family. And in this battle, for her teammates.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has had many different names. Ms.Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and currently she's got the mantle of the man thanks to whom she's received her powers: Captain Marvel.

She's got the classic "super-packet": strong, fast, durable and incredibly good at fighting big, powerful enemies while remaining beautiful and classy. Unlike many other heroes with this kind of powers, she's very good at energy manipulation. Absorbing it, releasing it, turning it into force fields or energy-fists, she's taken a nuke like if it was nothing and she's fought against some of the most powerful beings in the MU, including IronMan, WonderMan, Sentry etc.

And she likes blitzing. Yay.


Because one evil b*tch wasn't enough! Here's Karla Sofen AKA Moonstone.

Imagine being the therapist of one hell of a supervillain - the original Moonstone - wouldn't you try to get the Kree item that gives him so many fantastic superpowers (flight, energy projection, super strenght and durability, speed, intangibility, gravitational controll and intangibility)? Well, Karla tried and she achieved her goal. She got the Moonstone and became a powerful supervillain who militated in some of the greatest villain teams, such as the Masters of Evil, the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers.

And yep, she looks good with every outfit.

Here's my team! Your turn :)

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What @squares said