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genocide, hypocrisy(by her and the Avengers), her attitude generally and the fact that she seems not to care about what she's done. A terrible character, if you ask me. Nothing interesting about overpowered characters IMO.

Then de gustibus non disputandum est, I don't wanna convince anyone who likes her to dislike her.

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Which writer from other books would you like for the X-Books?

Hickman? Gillen? Soule? Remender(on the main X-Books instead of Bendis, Latour/Aaron and Wood)

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WW. Both Thor and IW defeated him.

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art is great. Would this be a good starting point for me?

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@lukehero: @beatboks1


First of all, we agree that you cannot jump-start her.

Now, you think that you have two other options, Animal Man with genetic manipulation and Obsidian with telepathy.

The point is, Rogue's powers don't work this way. She doesn't absorb DNA, she absorbs powers, energies and mutant auras. That's why she cannot absorb anyone(even if it seems that the last version portayed by Remender is able to truly absorb anyone), and why she suffers if she absorbs too many powers.

Otherwise, why absorbing the DNA of a God would be of any effort? Or absorbing multiple DNAs. It's the energies which remain imprinted in her.

Why would she have any problem absborbing DNAs? She asborbs energies, and if she touches superhumans she assorbs their powers too. Otherwise touching a common human would make her mimic some of their physical traits.

"Use the Hulk Gamma rays", not his DNA, the energy which aliments his powers. She also absorbed Simon's energy, not his DNA.

So what Sage did was jumpstart her and augment her powers so that she could access to the echos of their energies. Nothing AnimalMan can manipulate(and I'd like to see examples of his skills, since this would be an hell of a manipulation, anyway).

Same for Obsidian. Rogue has currently complete controll of her powers thanks to Xavier, and she cannot access her old powers. And it took years to Xavier to understand how her mind and powers worked. Xavier! One of the best telepaths on Earth, both in terms of skills and powers. There's no comparison with Obsidian in terms of psionic abilities and skills.

No, Rogue won't have TK.


The first scan showed a helmet on Utopia, where our Magneto lived. One of these Emmas was 616 Emma, so the helmet may also have been his specific one. Otherwise it was an alternate reality helmet, and they showed a lot of them and each of them seemed to work the same way.

Second scan is from X-men Legacy, in which a not-Phoenix Powered Rachel Grey was fighting a too powerful telepathic alien on the astral plane. As soon as Mags put the helmet on her head she's subtracted from the astral plane, it's like the helmet blocked her powers and protected her.

Anyway, you just have to try to use TP on my team, it won't work, definitely. And it won't work on Rogue, too.

So your Rogue won't have any degree of TK. And as for the Cane, even if you said that Rogue would be more skilled than that character(that anyway showed a degree of skills doing such a subtle thing in your scan), it won't be enough to deal with Jean(other than you're also assuming that Rogue would come up with that idea as the other character). She perceives the environment on an molecular level, she will perceive any kind of subtle TK vibration.

As for the Magneto's scan, they had to keep him occupied because Magneto's mind is difficult to pierce, not only his helmet(and it's not like you can keep occupied an helmet), and when Xavier talked about his insecurities, he was just talking about where to aim the telepathic attack(the core of his insecurities and fears).

As for infecting Emma and Jean, well, it would be difficult, you see diamond form would prevent any attack since it shields from any mental attack or any kind of empathic feeling or manipulation, and Jean contained the Void and the Phoenix Force in her body. Then, choose wheter you want his helmet up for protection or not. Emma and Jean together can put up any kind of telepathic barrier they need. And their main targets are however the one with no telepathic protection, obviously. Faster and easier to do.

If they've been soul-raped, that means that they are going to be even easier to manipulate. How would that keep them protected from a mental assault? It's not like they've got telepathic shields, they're just brainwashed.

Oh, and what about Stargirl? You didn't give her any helmet. Unless she has any strong telepathic resistance she'll join my team or just fall asleep.

Spectrum and her speed

First of all, was Jay running as fast as light or even faster in that scan? I don't think so. Monica is costantly moving at these speeds, and she can also multiply and turn into something that Obsidian won't be able to perceive in any way or manipulate, such as photons or neutrins. How could he perceive photons or neutrins running to tag him?

Then, his powers derive from darkness, and Spectrum can produce enough light do disperse any darkness he can produce. I've shown her producing attacks able to hurt Skyfathers(and can you show me the scans of Stargirl defeating one? And were they on the level of Zeus, who's on the same level as Odin?), and planet busting attacks, she's definetely going to produce enough light to take out Obsidian's shadows. If she doesn't just blitz him before he can do anything. He definetely hasn't got FTL reaction speed.

Obsidian is dead as soon as Spectrum enters the battlefield. She's just too fast.

As for Buddy, that's just speculation. He assorbed the reaction time of a fly, that doesn't mean that he can go as fast as Zoom, otherwise show me a scan of him doing this. Otherwise Spectrum will just speedblitz him as anyone on your team, too.

Courtney can move as fast as light? Scan please. And doesn't her staff work thanks to technology? Something that Spectrum can easily overpower and controll.

Anyway, unlike Obsidian she's still human, and here comes...

Iceman and his many, giant, amazing ice friends

Any member of your team with human biology can be killed or at least incapacitated at distance by Bobby by freezing them or their bloodstream. Courtney, Weather Wizard, Rogue, Karate Kid Solomon Goundry(if these aren't controlled by Emma and Jeannie), even Animal Man, Bobby could just freeze them in place. And before you say that this may not be in character, he's frozen a lot of characters also when he was completely calm. Here he's being pushed by Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club lol he'll definitely freeze anyone.

It also works on people with rock physiology, and no matter how durable you are, absolute zero in your bloodstream will hurt you.

Brain Freezing!
No water molecule in their bodies is safe

And while your team is frozen, Karla and Thor will smash them.

Susan(no, I didn't forget her) and defenses

Sue will make my team invisible. Alongside with hard light holograms and telepathic illusions, I plan to be undetectable. Obsidian may be able to feel us, but then Spectrum is specifically there to blitz him.

Sue's force fields(reinforced by Jean's), will be enough to protect my team from any attack thrown by your team.

Examples of her greatness include resisting Celestial's attacks and containing gamma bombs.

Or keeping a force field around an Atlantean city at great pressures while a fleet of other Atlantean ships kepts bombarding it for an entire day.

Remember that she can also stop telepathic and psionic attacks, telekinesis and matter manipulation with the fields. Another way to stop the Cane, if you will ever be able to give Rogue TK.

Sue could also smash most of your team or incapacitate them by suffucation(she wasn't bloodlusted in this scan, she just took enough air away from Hulk's lungs to make him fall asleep).

My shields are going to be almost impossible to pierce, and the rest of my team won't let you even get near them.

I think that I'm done, we're running circles :) if you want to post another couple of replies, then I think that we could open up votes.

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@veitha said:

@martinceld: that was just a selfish Phoenix desire, if we want to see it from this perspective. Anyway this was just a crappy piece of fanfic so I wouldn't consider it as something that will influence continuity.

Oh and Scott+Jean= Xavier's Institute

Scott+Emma= White House, darling ;)

Someone doesn't seem happy that Scott ended up with jean in this story ;)

no, I hated it hahaha

it showed a very creepy and selfish version of Jean Grey, and Emma was threated as sh*t by the writer. Two X-Ladies destroyed with a single issue.

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@koays said:

@roddy010: more time for those playing at home....the synonyms you listed don't even imply the same meaning when placed in place of the word gifted. Also JEAN IS STRONGER THEN EMMA.

1. Your clearly ignoring the fact that Jean buried herself in the ice prior to that because she couldn't deal with this piece of the Phoenix force(that was already weakened and fragmented). Fun Fact, when Jean becomes the White Phoenix of the Crown she doesn't have the complete Phoenix with her and we've never seen her with it. Now lets pretend for a second that Emma didn't defend Scott against the Phoenix or AvX didn't show Emma controlling a fraction of the Phoenix for a much longer period then in Endsong, and also that it wasn't her first encounter with it inside her during Warsong. The Cuckoo's took that fragment of the Phoenix and trapped it inside of their diamond hearts. Phoenix Contained by teenagers.

2. No, not impressive because Psylocke is weaker then both and has done it as well, Emma has done it during a giant monster attack and in the same issue(if its the School protest) i believe Emma puts all of those people in your picture to sleep. We were still talking about it though because i asked when Jean had done it and you didn't answer.

3. JEAN IS STRONGER THEN EMMA. And so is Nova. Emma however was able to overcome Cassandra in a direct confrontation as well as a too subconsciously bring Kitty to the team to take her out despite being manipulated by Cassandra. So yea, good for Emma she just beat someone incredibly stronger then her when they had complete control of the situation.

4. Not sure if i mentioned this but Jean is stronger then Emma. When i hear someone holds the entire brain and consciousness of Xavier and splits it across world.....i don't just think that their skilled i think that they have ALOT of power.

Good point. And Emma also told Celeste that she couldn't contain the Phoenix coz she was too cold and couldn't embrace it.

As for putting people too sleep, she didn't just make them asleep, she gave them an orgasm ;) also another great showing of skills other than Emma Frost-ish greatness.

And remember how in Astonishing she defeated the entire X-Men crew while under Cassandra's controll. That was also very impressive.