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@dondave sorry, I missed the post.

So the battle is too one-sided? If so I'll delete the thread or change the rosters.

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@night4345 and Iceman could flash-freeze him(with no morals), make it difficult for him to breath etc. Then Storm has also shown to be able to give Magneto problems when fighting against him.

As for the Emma vs Rachel battle, I'm a bit biased but Rachel has improved since their last fight(even if Emma has better showings), and TK could also help.

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@night4345 I don't think that the battle is that one-sided. Emma will have to face Rachel before she cand mind-wipe the rest of the team or mind controll them. For a little they will have to battle each other while the rest of the team battles.

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Could you please add for

  • Emma Frost;
  • Daken;
  • Iceman;
  • Invisible Woman;
  • Magik;
  • Psylocke;
  • Spider Woman.

Thank you :)

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Uncanny X-Men roster(all without broken powers):

- Cyclops;

- Emma Frost;

- Magik;

- Magneto;

- Kitty Pryde.

Wolverine X-Men roster:

- Wolverine(with healing factor);

- Rachel Grey;

- Nightcrawler;

- Storm;

- Iceman.

They aren't drunk in this battle lol
Rachel and Storm

Round 1 Rules:

- No insta-freezing or insta-BFR;

- They start at 500 metres from each other and in a crowded space;

- Morals on, in character;

- Standard gear for everyone(Magneto get his helmet, Magik the soulsword, Nightcrawler is sword etc.).

No sentinels in the battle


Round 2 Rules:

- They start at 500 metres from each other(empty space);

- Morals off, bloodlust(they're willing to kill each other);

- Standard gear for everyone.


Who wins?

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If it wasn't for Stuart Immone this book would be muuuch worse( and didn't Phoebe dyed her hair red?).

Emma, Magik and Cyclops look very badass here, but I guess that without the Cuckoos and their TP they are going to be beaten badly by the Brotherhood(unless Bendis remembers that Magik has got telepathic resistance that borders full immunity, but I'm sure he doesn't since he hasn't remembered that Mystique and Wolverine are pretty resistant too). Then, while all the other mutants will be dying or saying ridiculous lines, Jean Deus Ex Machina Grey will show immense telepathic powers or even new powers to badly beat the enemy and the arc will end without any repercussion on the following stories. Well done, Brian.

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I love street characters and I loved New Avengers by Bendis, so I gotta side with the Mighty Avengers. I litterally love this team.

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How can Aquaman beat an herald?