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I gotta say that the Italian Voice from the cartoon was much more "masculine" than this one

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Have you heard about X-Factor being cancelled?

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@veitha: :/ im not impressed so far with this new series

I loved the first issue. I think it is going to be very good, we just have to forget that our favourite character is going to be downplayed(I mean, if a character gets wrecked in the story that doesn't make the story bad, instead I think that it could give an hell of a development).

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10 bucks on Freyja

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@jonnythewolf said:

idk even know who half these characters are but the art looks terrible.

forge looks like cheech, shatterstar looks like he has a perm and the baseball hat guy..idk who he is but looks lame as hell.

now art isn't the be all end all...but off to a bad start.

I think that is supposed to be Rictor? It looks somewhat similar to his old look.

I'm not a fan of the artwork. Maybe it will look different with color.

I think it's Adam X.

Even if they all have their old looks.

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Husk, Moonstar, Domino.

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They're even now. Mmm where are the Emma fans? :P

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I just read Invisible Woman beating Doctor Doom and almost destroying all of Latveria's army. This is a good day.

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@higorm: here's my character. You can start then.

Katie Summers AKA Red Wasp

If you're reading Uncanny Avengers you should know that Alex Summers aka Havok and Janet VanDyne aka Wasp had a daughter, Katie, that was kidnapped by Kang.

I'm basing my amalgam on this character.

After being kidnapped by Kang, he experimented on her to turn her into one of his minions. She developed powers from both her mother and her father thanks to the genetic manipulations operated by Kang, and he trained her into fighting and using her abilities.

She later discovered the truth about her parents and ran away from Kang to come back to her dimension and to finally meet her parents, even if she's become someone completely different than the sweet little girl they were used to know.

She's got Havok's personality as the leading one.

Her powers include:

Shrinking/Wasp phisiology

She can reduce to the dimensions of a wasp like her mother. When she turns into a small insect, her body changes and she develops a pair of wings used for high speed flight. She can turn herself into a bullet using this powers and flying very fast. She can also retain her wings in normal human form, but she prefers flying at small dimensions, since this allows her to become almost completely invisible.

Venom Blast

Like her mother, she can turn the natural electricity in her body into a "Wasp sting", essentially an electric pulse that can cause great pain or harm/KO enemies. The sting can be used both at small size and normal size, causing more damage if she's using it at a big size. Combine this with her shrinking abilities, and she can KO you without even you noticing it.

Insect Manipulation

Thanks to Pym technology and to her helmet, she can manipulate insects. Both common insects and alien insects, as long as their brain is similar to the one of an arthropod.

Energy Absorbion/Plasma emission

She can, like her father, absorb cosmic energies and redirect them in the form of super hot blasts. The blasts can be used also the create force fields or as concussive force, giving her a wide range of applications for her powers. Combine plasma and her venom blast and you'll get an hell of an energy output. Combine these two to her shrinking abilities and she can turn into a small missile ready to melt you. Or she can just burn you while you cannot see her.