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Invisible Woman vs Sersi

Now, surrounding my team with force fields won't be a loss of time, she'll secure the Engineer and also give better defense to Apollo. I've shown her multitasking with little to no difficult, so it won't be a problem.

Then about the infamous Emma Frost scan,which is from the terribly written crossover between the FF and the X-men, first of all it was a sneak attack, then Sue was simply keeping Wolverine and the Thing aside with a wall, here she will use a full bubble. Seeing how it stopped Psy-Lord's telepathy and how Sue has shown to be faster than Sersi, as stated on panel also, she's the one who's likely to cage her and block her powers. Sersi won't just stand there of course, but has she got a way to avoid an attack of this power and of this speed? I don't think so.

Sue still stands still, and anyway my team also has got a way of blocking telepathy through Angie, who can send nanomachines into one's brain to freed them from TP. So even if - and I'm putting a lot of emphasys on this even if - Sersi'd be able to pierce through Sue's shields, Angie will be already there with nanomachines to block her TP.

As for Sersi's matter manipulation working on Angie, the girl has got force fields too, and she's very quick at adapting. Seen the scan in which she creates a field to contain the Sun in seconds? She could do the same with a force field and block Sersi. If Sue fails, but she won't thanks to her combo of invisibility, shields and psionic powers negation.

Sersi's will be down before she knows it, really. Sue is faster, has powers to block her own powers, and she can defeat her with ease while also protecting her team(as shown previously).

So with Cho and Sersi down, Hercules would be your last standing here.

Hercules vs Apollo and Angie

The scans you showed still don't show any true speedblitz. The nearest scan to a speed-blitz would be Sentry's, but again Bob was talking to him in both of them, trying to resonate with him, here Apollo will directly aim at cutting his head off.

His strenght and durability feats are good, but I don't think he's never took attacks similar to the moon-sized one. The Skrull's one was tanked using a rock, and I don't recall Ikaris doing something similar to Apollo with his heat vision.

And he'd still have to deal with sound waves hitting him, or energy beams able to hurt Captain Atom coming from multiple copies of the Engineer.

And when Sersi's been KOed, he will have an invisible bubble around his head to suffucate him.


  • Sue can block most of what Sersi can do. She's got feats of blocking matter manipulation(her biggest asset and her usual first move in battles), psionic powers such as TP or TK, and cosmic energy. She's also shown multitasking on the level of defeating the Avengers alone or doing heart surgery while shielding people from radiations. She can keep Apollo and Angie safe while defeating Sersi;
  • Cho is a no-factor compared to the Engineer. She is as smart if not smarter than he is and she's got the powers to support her brain, allowing her to do what Cho would do with help without it. She's also a lot of fire power at her disposal and she's fast and good at multitasking;
  • Apollo is more than enough to keep Hercules busy, and he's fast enough to blitz him right at the beginning of the battle. Then Angie will be there with multiple copies hitting him hard with sound waves or energy blasts until he goes down.
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So I stopped reading Aquaman after Johns left, and I started again today with the new run... and he's got a lot of new powers now! It seems very cool, but I don't understand how he got them, anyone can explain that if it happened in the previous run or is it completely new?

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@zeeguy91 said:

@veitha: "terra incognita" is Latin and it means "unknown land"

yeah, I know. It's just that it is also Italian hahaha

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ehi what's the deal with the trident? And the Italian or Latin title?

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@martinceld: it's just Jean Grey tapping into the Bendis-Force

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Miles Morales(3)

Marvel fanboy

Question: can I use illusions? does team work matter?

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the entire school's telepathic crew taken down by an empath. Oh, telepathic classes without Auntie Emma aren't the same anymore.