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She's good. Great dialogues and she handled Wolverine just fine in Ms.Marvel.

She wants to have a four issues-first arc in which every issue is seen from the perspective of a certain character, and I think that this could work very fine.

I can't wait to read her Monet

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@higorm: okay, so.

My character is very fast. Having Wasp's powers, she can shrink and fly at incredibly high speed. The best part about her flying is the great manuvrability she posses, that did let her avoid the Sentry. Of course she will fly along the speed limits, but forget to outrace her or avoid her attacks using just Nico's speed.

Katye is also very small and difficult to perceive. Add this to the fact that she can controll insects and she will become quite difficult to hit since every insect in the zone will swarm on your character. She's so good with her instect controll that she can manipulate alien worms, so no problems manipulating great quantities of insects here.

The fact that organic matter can go through the force field will let my insects suffucate the prisoner and KO him for enough time for me to carry him away whithout losing powers (@apolio I'm assuming the prisoner's powers work only when he is conscious? otherwise I'll change this part).

And good luck at remaining hidden, now that swarms of insects are flying around looking exactly for you(also remember that insect manipulation comes from the helmet, so this power won't be taken away from me).

Anyway, as soon as you try to attack me, I'll get rid of you soon. Katye can just shrink and blast you with a focused plasma bolt similar to the one that Havok used to keep down the Hulk. In this scan he isn't directly defeating the Hulk, he is just showing how good he can be with precise strikes being able to overheat Hulk's head. Imagine this happening while you cannot even perceive me or when my character can just zap you in the ear and you won't even notice. I could just make your head explode, effectivelly. Imagine a super heated plasma bolt channeled through your ear. Ouch

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Time to start reading Valiant

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I read somewhere that Briar may be his daughter. I don't know if it's true then.

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I actually like the power upgrade idea.

Magik already got a power upgrade and it looks like Adult Scott will get some(look at the solicits), then Jean got the purple form upgrade and if Bobby gets one I'd like it(current Iceman is a jerk, let him die and let's keep the young version. The old one is only useful for the battle forum lol). I like the idea of Magneto being mentally unable to use his powers but resorting to MGH to enhance his powers.

I'd like to see Emma being able to do something more offensive with the diamond form since she won't get TP back in a while(like being able to shape it or just an upgrade in strenght), or she may become a psionic "vampire" or a psionic version of Rogue since she seems to be using other telepaths as a battery, I think it'd be cool for her current status.

I'd like to see Beast being able to shift between animal forms, maybe more than just one. Angel powers should become similar to the ones of an actual Angel or resemble them, maybe healing(without the blood stuff)? And what happened to current Angel? Where is he?

Tyke getting good with the sword is a very cool thing IMO.

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finally the kind of art I appreciate. Mad is good, but I'd like a more realistic art for this book

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dat Sue fight.

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@koays: I read that on Facebook and other forums. I think it's been confirmed to end with issue 20