Getting Accustomed

(I had something written out but I was stupid enough to click the lower right corner "loading" something erasing what I had originally wrote >: | )
Well, I'm enjoying the site still (as mentioned in my "return address" lol) but, my god, are these quests difficult lol. I mean, since I've been out of the loop for a long while I don't get a lot of these clues and the easier ones just mock me in my face! Prime example:  AKA: Jacob Kurtzberg...HOW THE HELL DID I NOT PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER UNTIL AFTER I SAW THE IMAGE! ARGH! I felt stupid after that. 
Here's a little explanation (useless banter) to why I'm losing my mind over these quests lol. In the mid  90's I got into comics and continued to the end of that decade. I started with Marvel and added Image as my favorites later on. I sorta liked Superman and Batman when I was a kid because of the movies, however, it wasn't until the Marvel vs DC war had hit that I chose to side with Marvel (yes, I'm a dork). Unfortunately for me, my comic store had went out of business and I just didn't find another in town. Because of that my attention changed tracks to the path of anime. Don't get me wrong, I still loved my comics but I was expanding my anime division of my soul lol. 
Fast forward to '06 or '07 or maybe even '08 (yes my memory sucks), a comic shop had opened near where I live and I managed to pick up a little where I left off. The problem now is quite possibly the same problem everyone else is dealing with: money. I'm slightly aware of what's going on in comics today but they are brief summaries.
To sum this up (if you thought that reading this was a waste of time): 1) I'm a bit old school but I'm still nubish in more than one category. 2) I should stop writing blogs about crying over these quests. 3) I most likely should re-educate myself by using the site's database. 4) End Blog

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