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I think Miles is still too green to take all of these guys on at once.

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This is barely a contest. Without one-sided prep for SpOck, Iron Man takes it rather handily.

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Classic. Web-pits or no is my favorite. After that, I really liked the newer Spider-armor. Gave him the armored look without sacrificing the agility.

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2. Those matches were not close to even. Elektra tagged him effortlessly, then almost killed him in round 1. In the match on the building, during the Black Cat arc, he was barely even able to counter attack, and was kicked off a building. Immediately after that he was grumbling about how badly he'd gotten his butt kicked.

He didn't deal with a room full of supers all fighting against him. Everyone was fighting everyone else and only for, like, 2 pages. During those pages he mostly fought Elektra, or fodder, anyway, and they were mostly even. He then just spammed webbing everywhere. After Elektra broke out, she absolutely stomped him. She would have been just as tired from the previous fight as Spidey, possibly more so as she does not have super human stamina like Spider-man, but she still took him out.

Elektra has a pretty impressive record against Spidey.

3.Then that puts him at a pretty big disadvantage in this fight. He's fighting someone who has warning of all his attacks, whereas Ultimate Spidey's does not seem near as effective.

As for the inexperience thing, that's a fair point.

3. It still doesn't seem out of the realm of peak human capability to me, but I suppose it's up to our own interpretations.

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Kinda feeling Cap takes it, but I could be swayed. He handles himself pretty well against both teams and heavy hitters.

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2. There's not really any special circumstances to their fight in the Warriors arc. There's a lot of different heroes and villains slugging it out, Spider-man webs them all up, everyone breaks free (Well, everyone with a cutting weapon does), Elektra and Spider-man go at it one-on-one, and she pretty decisively beats him.

3. The amount of panel time it takes and from the sounds he was making before, during, and after the breaking of the cuffs doesn't make it seem like he did it easily, to me, at least.

So then where was his spider sense? If his spider sense didn't warn him of that attack, then it must not be near as useful as the 616 Spidey's.

He was still momentarily taken out by being grazed by a bullet.

4. It's been a while yes, but I went back and read over everything that I was talking about before I made any claims about anyone.

1. What happened doesn't really seem that far out of reach for a comic book peak human. I mean, Daredevil has flipped over a limousine, and he's peak human.

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1. I never made a claim of him being peak human. Merely asked what you thought made him super human. Thank you for the information, but the condescension was unnecessary.

2.Uhhh.. you reading the same scene as me? He got tagged fairly easily, and almost killed right there, and was left, confused and with his arm obviously still hurting.

Not even putting up a fight? Gonna just ignore the part where he clearly tries to counterattack after taking one of her sais? He got kicked off the roof by her and was later talking about how embarrassing that fight was. So I'm not saying he was humiliated, Spider-man is saying he was.

She also pwns him again in the "Warriors" arc.

3.The first time he was shot, in the arc with the Spider-man impostor, he was hurt badly enough to be momentarily subdued by two cops. Later in a fight with Enforcers he is grazed by a bullet and this puts him out of action for a few pages. 616 Spidey took several bullets and was still able to take down Bullseye.

4. Read every single issue. I have no illusions about him. You're vastly overrating him.

Did you? Where's your rebuttal about him having issues KO-ing Ox?

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@vegandiet: When has spider Man in Ultimate verse EVER tried to hurt King Pin? Ever? When has he gone all out on the clearly super human King Pin in Ultimate verse anyway?

Also Ultimate Consistency is just that, consistent. 1 out of 50 showings to Pete 1 out of 5 showings being all over the place.

Thats the problem with 616 Spidey, 60 years of feats leads to 60 years of writers inconsistent feats. People who like main stream marvel need to deal with that stigma.

@jashro44 said:

@cadencev2:We don't even know if Peter had his full powers in that issue. The last issue Eddie touched him and this messed with his powers (because anti venoms curing power), so for all we know Peter was still recovering from that. Plus the tracking bullets added in and getting shot multiple times.

OK.... so Peter had every excuse under the sun being in 20 different comic lines in one year too.....

Umm in their first encounter he struck him several times, and not one of his blows made the Kingpin budge. What makes the Kingpin of the Ultimate verse super human?

Ult. Spidey has also been outright humiliated by Elektra before. While Ult. Elektra is very skilled, she's not on the level of 616 Iron Fist, who Spider-man has consistently fought well against.

He also struggled to KO Ox and was laid low for a while after being grazed by a bullet. He was hospitalized after taking one bullet. 616 Pete took several, got hit by those knives from Bullseye, and still managed to take down the Green Goblin on that same day.

Ult. Pete is not as great as you're making him out to be. He's impressive yes, but he's also inexperienced and is outclassed by 616 Spider-man.

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@jashro44 said:

@cadencev2: If you are talking about new ways to die Peter was shot multiple times because osborns men were using special tracer bullets which followed spider-man around. He couldn't dodge them so he had to angle his body in the right position where bullseyes glass and osborns bullets missed his vital organs IIRC.

The punisher showing is true all though that is mainly back in the day when Peter wasn't that experienced and didn't use his agility the way he does now. He did lose recently in punisher war zone admittedly but he was stomping punisher until punisher used some weird explosive weapon (some huge area of effect weapon). And Peter was toying with him for some reason (I would argue plot since Peter has one shotted punisher before and the premiss of that series was punisher vs the avengers).


Just Saying......

Spider Man is inconsistent as ****.

And Ultimate Pete couldn't even harm the Kingpin with his hits.

That inconsistency runs both ways.

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@jashro44 said:

Morlun was powerful enough to tank vibranium tipped nukes with ease. He would slaughter ultimate spiderman as well. Also his life drain was increasing his powers and decreasing peters. So he wasn't just a 40 tonner.

Didn't Morlun also tear an adamantium metal net?

He's also ignoring the fact that Peter was already weakened from his disease when Morlun killed him. When they first fought, Peter fought him for something like 17 hours straight. Most of that time was with broken ribs as well.