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@lorrie said:

At least when Peter died in ASM #700, he still went out a hero, even if it wasn't dignified. But to have him "die" again, but this time in utter disgrace, a man who in his darkest moment would risk (however briefly) a child's life in order to save his own? This disgusts me on a visceral level. Because that isn't who Peter Parker is, and if Slott doesn't know that, he has no business writing Spider-Man.

Can I just say that I love this post?

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@matchesmalone21: Those ice pellets and acid webs have been part of Spider-man's standard gear since around Spider Island-era. But if Plastic man is resistant to cold and ice, and since Spider-man would be unlikely to use the acid webs on him with morals on, then Plastic Man wins 10/10.

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Would Spider-man's ice pellets or acid webbing be effective against Plastic Man? I admit to not knowing much about Plastic Man other than the fact that he is all but immune to physical attacks.

If neither of those weapons work, then there's no way Spidey can win.

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Yes. This is indeed the week I stop reading Superior Spider-man. I'm sick of this Ock Wankfest. Sick of Pete being portrayed as an incompetent hero. Sick of Mary Jane being borderline brain dead. The previous issues were okay, but this is just pure garbage. Slott has turned Pete into a pathetic, whiny, and altogether useless character. I understand the desire to do something new, but turning Spider-man, one of the most morally upstanding, powerful, strong willed characters in all of Marvel, into this pathetic waste is just pure awful. I'm done with Spider-man until this trash story is over.

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Can't really see anyone on Team Wolverine being able to effectively harm Venom. Might wanna change him out with Miguel O'Hara or Ai Apec or someone like that.

I'd say team Spidey would take both rounds rather decisively.

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This has been my favorite ever battle thread. That guy refusing to believe Thanos was a clone when Thor beat him because "super villains lie sometimes" is flat out hilarious.

Anyway Thanos wins. If an amped Thor couldn't beat Thanos, then how is a normal Thor gonna beat him?

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How would Abomination harm a being who can turn himself into living electricity?

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@animehunter: I'm glad she's finally starting to realize it, hopefully, but really she should have known during ASM 700. I mean he called her basically useless at one point, and later, during the big battle, blasts her and her friends with Impact Webbing. How the hell did she forget that? She knows that Peter would never be irresponsible enough to hit innocents, even accidentally.

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So I know we've been over how badly written Mary Jane is for not immediately recognizing that SpOck is not Peter about a billion times, but I was re-reading Kraven's Last Hunt today. During this story, Mary Jane gets attacked by some street thugs, and Kraven, dressed as Spider-man, shows up and saves her. After this, Mary Jane realizes immediately that it's not Peter.

She can figure out, in seconds with limited interaction with, that it's not Peter, but she still hasn't, for certain, sussed it out when she's spent all this time with SpOck?! Really? This is still my main point of contention with Superior Spider-man. Mary Jane is portrayed as basically brain dead.