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@deadcool_xd: He gets shot at all the time, guns have zero effect on him at all

in actuality the actual sound should harm him as do the bells in the spiderman movie. Him beng shot and hearing the sound is just the lack of attention and research given by the writers. O and by the way deadpool has sonic weapons.

I don't think Venom's ever been beaten by bells in the comics (AKA applicable here unlike the movies). I think in you're next statement your claiming that him being fine around guns is WIS? No, it's not, as it's happened consistently. Sonics are different from gunshots, and the sonics Wade has have to be awfully powerful considering Venom could take sonic blasts from Iron Man and not flinch.

unlike movies you say, well I actually own his first appearance spiderman #300 and that is where the movie is from. venom gets weakened by the sound of the bells. And to prove I'm not bluffing-

If you really knew your characters, you'd know that Venom was not defeated by a ringing bell in that issue.

What's more, David Michelinie, co-creator of Venom, has penned several issues in which Venom was capable of tanking shots from Sonic Guns designed by Reed Richards, so clearly, Venom's sonic resistance gets better over time.

Maybe you should base your opinions on characters on more than just one 30 year old issue.

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@deadcool_xd: Bro batwoman ain't doin sh!t to Venom. He sneezes and she dies.

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I really don't know why everyone is saying clears it I think he can't get past 3-4

I don't know about kate but Cass can't even hurt venom let alone beat him.

guys just clear this up for me, are we talking about venom alone as a symbiote? Or are we using eddie brock as venom or Thompson. If it's the symbiote alone it loses really quickly, If it's brock he gets very far, but if it is agent venom as Thompson like in the picture I don't see him getting far, the guy is stupid.

Be honest. How much of Flash Venom have you read?

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"Those were the stories that were already told in the comics"

Yeah. Remember when Vulture worked for Oscorp? Or when Sandman and Rhino were friends before they were super villains? Or when Tombstone was the big crime boss of the city? Or when Norman Osborn used Harry as a decoy for his Green Goblin identity? Oh wait. Literally none of that happened in the comics.

And it's funny that he brings that up as a negative, when Ultimate Spider-man straight up adapted that two-parter by Bendis where Peter and Wolverine switched bodies.

So let's see that makes that guy: 1. factually incorrect. 2. hypocritical and 3. incapable of making a show that isn't pure garbage.

That's really cool. Good to know that the creators are as idiotic and crappy as their terrible show.

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I haven't even given AXIS a glance since it began (aside from the Carnage mini-series which has been hilarious) so i'm just curious as to what Spider-man's part is in AXIS. Initially I thought he wouldn't be in it what with Spider-Verse going on but I saw that in Inhuman #10 he's facing off against Medusa.

Can anyone fill me in on what Pete's actually doing in AXIS?

As the other poster said, he's one of the few unaltered heroes, and Remender's writing of him is honestly the high point of the event.

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@vegandiet: he did dodge that one wolverines attack pretty easily:

I guess you can argue he doesn't dodge much in character (wolverine did stab him in the chest before this scene). But he should be capable of dodging thing.

I mean he's capable of it sure. But he seems way more apt to just tank attacks rather than dodge them. I don't think that fact really alters Morlun's chances all that much though.

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Morlun would hit Ben,Ben would laugh IMAO. Thing would knock Morlun through trees. I don't think Morlun would be able to sap Thing's life-force and only if he reverted to his human form. Thing is faster,and Thing is stronger and more Durable. I'm leaning towards Ben.

Ignoring the fact that morlun can tank things attacks, thing will never touch morlun. And even if he did, and assuming thing did do severe damage (he wouldn't, morluns durability is insane), morlun can just keep dodging until he heals damage. Yes Morlun has a healing factor.

I really doubt Thing wouldn't be able to touch Morlun. I've literally never seen Morlun dodge anything. I mean, Morlun's ridiculous durability will ensure The Thing's attacks do very little, but he's never shown himself to be adept at dodging attacks.

All that being said, I lean towards Morlun. Morlun appears to have similar strength, a speed advantage, even if he doesn't make the best use of it, and has insane durability.

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Well jason is on venom

Kaine is still stronger.

*Laughs* For a minute I though you were serious.

Jason was looking strong and fast in the eyes of Supergirl. He was able to break her grip with his Venom strength.

Unless Kaine is close to being as strong as Supergirl then ummm I think Jason is stronger.

Does this guy ever get tired of being wrong?

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It's a christmas miracle!

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I keep seeing people saying that Iron Man 2020 was weakened? Could someone show me a scan of that?

And regardless, if we're taking high-end showings into account, Peter tore through normal Iron Man's armor in "Who Am I?"

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Spider-man takes it in a hard fight.

And, man. Some people in this thread are pretty dumb.