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Just adapt the Gauntlet/Grim Hunt to a video game. It's close enough to the same thing.

I really think that would make a great video game. It's got a pretty good story built into it. You can have lots of villains without them feeling too shoe horned in. If you include ASM #600 as part of the Gauntlet, you could have a part where the free-roaming map turns against you, which would be pretty cool. You could also have something similar to a Web of Shadows mechanic unlocked at the end of the game and available on replays, only except for the symbiote, Spider-man attacks without holding back. He'd use more brutal attacks that would do more damage, but would be slower, opening Spider-man up for attacks (I know that's not really how not holding back Spidey works, but it's gotta be balanced or no one would want to use normal Spidey).

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@br_havoc said:

Only way this could get any better is if Moon knight gets a show as well.

Effin' this!

This is fantastic news! Just wish Moon Knight could get some Tv lovin' as well.

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I would be down for Kindt on Spider-man as well. Slott has overstayed his welcome and his work post-ASM 700 has been average at best.

I'd prefer if Kindt had a different artist with him. Marco Rudy's work is beautiful and unconventional, but I don't know if it would really work for an ongoing. For a mini-series like this, it is absolutely perfect, but I could see getting a little tired of it month-after-month.

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Gonna go ahead and nominate Spider-man vs. Shocker, Sand Man, Hydro Man, and Mysterio from Marvel Knights Spider-man #2. Beautiful art, unique panel layouts, and a very unorthodox move by Spider-man to take out Sandy. It's pretty great.

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Death of Jean DeWolffe and Return of The Sin Eater.

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Voted Green Goblin. He's super smart, manipulative, powerful enough physically to dismantle pretty much anyone in real life. Insane enough to perform truly gruesome acts, but sane enough that he can fool the entire world into believing that he's just an innocent businessman.

The fact that he's pretty much broken his son beyond repair, and all of the awful things he's done to Peter in attempts to break him, coupled with the very potent physical threat he presents makes him pretty terrifying.

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Thats just the impression I get from them. So when is the new marvel NOW 2.0 releasing? Jan 2014? Ill look into those carnage mini series. Currently hunting his 1st app in ASM 361. Gonna go check hastings today for carnage mini series comics and check my LCS's later this week.

So if Marvel NOW 2 aint a reboot, why cancel the current runs? Someone care to tell me whats going on with tit? Like is superiors spider man getting rebooted or will it "continue" with Now 2.0 with like title 24 or something?

You can pick up Carnage's first big storyline in the "Vengeance of Venom" trade. This trade also comes with a bunch of awesome Venom stories and is pretty cheap considering how many issues are in it. I know you're looking specifically for Carnage, but I'm pretty sure that's the only recent tpb of his first storyline.

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Remind them that the biggest movies of last year, and the year before, and the year coming up, were all, all will be, comic book movies.

Remind them that they payed at least $8.50 to go see a not as good version of what they call "childish."

The whole "I can't hear you over the sound of how much money is pouring in from those movies which are directly based off of what I'm reading" argument is a pretty good one.

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Aww man, I got here too late to nominate the dustup between Ultimate Spider-man and his crew and Roxxon And his brain trust. Sure, it was really short, but the art was beautiful and fluid, and everyone got a cool moment.

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@deranged_midget: What i'm getting at is that yes we've seen similar representations of strength but always few and far between and with severe trauma on Peter's part. There happened within a small number of issues of each other and Pete was still standing and even fighting in some cases after them.

@laflux: I'll put the question to you as well. What is current Spider-man's base strength if he can perform those feats all in the upper tonnage (70-80tons) under stress? Imo it can't be far off 50.

I've just started to assume that he, for some reason, kept his strength and speed upgrades from "The Other." The speed he demonstrated to blitz 3 people with Spider Sense lends a little credence to this as well, I'd think.

As for his "tonner" status, I have him sitting around 30 at base, and being able to leap up to mid-50 tons when pressed.