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@lordbeefburger: This is easily one of the worst posts I've seen on this website.

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@wyldsong: who ever said one hit equates a win????? u showed me kurt getting punched , and act like thats the basis for his lack of speed as if spider man has never gotten hit. most teleporters in marvel teleport with technology or just a mental ability or spatial energy like blink. nightcrawler and azazel are the main characters who are known for teleporting thru another dimension. doesnt matter.

my point has been made.

1, strength and speed doesnt determine the winner of a fight. heros always find a way. SPIDERMAN CAN AND HAS BEEN HIT! doc oct has hit him b4 right? so how could nc with 2 swords, one in hand and tail not hit him?

2. nightcrawler has put him down b4, HAS HIT HIM.

3. nightcrawler can teleport where spiderman cant accurately pin point.

4. nightcrawler doesnt have to be of equal strength to grab someone and teleport them in an instant.

5. as of recent nightcrawler can teleport as many as 30 ppl rapidly before he needs to rest for a few minutes.

6. rapidly teleporting another will pass them out. fact.

7.nightcrawler can teleport out of any bondage that doesnt interfere with his concentration. choke web he cannot get out of. thats the rope that tightens as u move. spiderman doesnt use that. but possibly he could if he learns that and plans for the fight.


9. if we want to also talk other versions aoa nightcrawler ends him in seconds. he kills. quick and fast.

BUT I KNOW NON OF THAT MATTERS because all u are going to say is spiderman is stronger faster and can beat anyone cause his movie is coming out and u sleep in your spidey pjs lol. case closed. spidey loses this one. and i like spidey. def ears is right

Spider-man, even while holding back, can hit with sufficient force to K.O. Nightcrawler with one hit.

1.Yes, they kind of do. Yes, of course Spider-man has been hit before. Nightcrawler doesn't posses the ability to end this in one blow. Spider-man does. Doc Ock's arms are fast enough to block gun fire and lightning bolts. They're faster than Nightcrawler.

2.Put him down? You mean stunned him with a sucker shot, then ran away while Spider-man recovered instantly? You have a funny definition of putting down.

3.Proof? He didn't have any trouble tracking his teleporting here:

4. And Spider-man can easily break or slip Nightcrawler's grip or tag him before he has a chance to do so.

5. K. So? Were any of those 30 people as hard to get a hold of as Spider-man?

6. Scans of this happening to someone as powerful as Spider-man?

8. All teleporters are listed at 7 for speed. According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. 1 #8 Nightcrawler is listed at a 3 for speed without teleporting and a 3 for fighting skills. Spider-man is listed as a 3 for speed and a 4 for fighting skills. Going by the handbook is hardly reliable anyway as they are usually outright contradicted by comic book feats. I'm absolutely certain that Spider-man's speed feats outweigh Nightcrawler's, but if you'd like to debate that, then by all means, let's.

9. Debatable, as a similarly morals off Spider-man is just as capable of ending the fight instantly against AoA Nightcrawler.

Case closed? When? Because your arguments are mostly incorrect, not backed up by proof, or simply irrelevant.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: lol that is like saying Spider man lose against Bane in a wrestling match. Which everyone should be certain of. Chiefs main thing is not strength. It is His guns and plasma/energy sword. Im pretty sure if even peter touch it he dies. And flipping tanks was not only game mechanics. And it takes an hell of a strength to do that. Scorpion tanks are about 60 tons i read and stick like glue to the ground. Game mech counts as much as comic feats does.

Spider-man would not lose a wrestling match to Bane.

And Spider-man has torn through armor that's survived terminal velocity falls. He should be able to break MC's armor no prob.

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@en_sabah_nur_apocalypse: I'd like to point out that Iron Fist only scored that hit because he had laid a trap beforehand. In fact, in that whole battle, Iron Fist only landed hits due to eextenuating circumstances.

(Read right to left)

Spider-man takes it.

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@mee09: Wow, I dig your completely out of context Spider-man scan. You're aware he was shot about ten times immediately before that, right?

And Spider-man has whupped Punisher more often than the reverse. Spider-man takes it home.

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Spider-man. Like him the most, and he's had several of the best comic runs of all time. Daredevil comes in a close second. Punisher is at third, but they're all three close. They're all fantastic characters

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I'd like to see his revisions as well. Maybe he'll be able to post them on the internet somewhere. Sucks that this made him lose his enthusiasm for comics?

Do you know if 700.4 will have a back up story in it as well?

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Part two was noticeable worse. Part 1 was by no means great, but it was a decent setup that could have lead to a good story. It's a shame that they did this. I hope this story doesn't scare people off from checking out the rest of the ASM issues, because 700.3 was pretty damn good. People will really miss out if they don't pick that one up.

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I'm really liking it. The art is really awesome and unique. I'm hoping we can skip out on the big fights next issue and just get some plot development. Don't get me wrong, I love a good Spider slugfest, but I'd rather find out what's actually going on now.

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@frogdog said:

As far Recent spider-man writers go, only joe kelly can compare

@tigerkaya said:

Aside from Lee and Ditko my favorite is Roger Stern and David Michelinie

How about J. M. DeMatteis

DeMatteis is great. Spectacular Spider-Man #200 would belong on any top ten Spidey Stories list.