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@vegandiet: Oh, thanks! What do you mean not really Hulk, though?

This guy was, kind of like a very accomplished illusionist. Like, he could make Spider-man believe he was actually feeling the pain of those blows. The issue before it was revealed that it was all just illusion and hypnotism, he makes Spider-man believe that his neck had been broken. I think his name was Fusion? Maybe.

It's been a while since I've read it.

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Kaine in New Warriors? Kaine still in book? Is good news!

Also, a Zeb Wells helmed Elektra book sounds awesome, I'll be buying the Black Widow book absolutely. Phil Noto's art is amazing.

I know it's not in this article, but I'm also excited about Silver Surfer with Slott and Allred. Love Allred's art to death, and I think Slott will be more in his element on Silver Surfer.

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@groovyash: That's from Paul Jenkin's Peter Parker: Spider-man run. It's not really the Hulk, but it's still an awesome moment.

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Miles. Better book by far. Better character as well.

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The absolute trash characterization of Mary Jane. She's not some codependent that would stay with Peter after he repeatedly insulted her and even physically assaulted her and her friends. She's also not an idiot. She should have been the first one to notice something was wrong with Peter. She doesn't have to be the one to figure out that his body has been stolen, but her still thinking everything is honky dory with Spider-man, while he's viciously beating pranksters, trying to murder the Kingpin, and belittling her every chance he gets, is, frankly, insulting to the character.

There's also the fact that everyone is hailing the premise as something FRESH and NEW! to revive life into Spider-man, when it was already done before and far better in "Kraven's Last Hunt." The premise has already been done before, and the issues themselves have been average at best.

I also don't particularly care to listen to someone constantly refer to themselves as Superior when they've consistently done a worse job than Peter

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@deranged_midget: i read up to the issue after his mom died and he was working in that diner. Got to there and didn't feel the tug to keep reading futher. Perhaps previous gripes i have with the concept/character are influcing me still /shrugs. However the art is awesome.

I'd really give it another shot. This arc was a little slow, but the most recent issue was awesome.

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The Mary Jane bits are so accurate it hurts.

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@cadencev2 said:

@wolverine08: Do I care if Stan Lee created him? Stan Lee is the OAA. Hell the sad fact is even the guy who created wolverine never meant for wolverine to be what he is now. So your point is what?

For me, the best written Spider-Man versus Wolverine fight remains, by far, the graveyard fight. Aside from most accurately depicting what would go down between the two in a brawl (I emphasize brawl, because one has to scratch ones head and wonder why Parker didn't use his webbing) it was an absolutely incredibly well written fight (aside from the absence of webbing). It highlighted Parker, little more than a teen with superpowers, fighting a natural born superhuman killer. Parker picked up on the aura of death Wolverine exudes, and knew he was going up against one of the deadliest on the planet, and the writing on this point was spectacular and enriched both characters as a result. His fear was as palpable as his bravery. It's those types of scenes, of fights, that have endeared me to both Parker and Logan over the years.

Unfortunately, they are a diamond in the rough.

So, to turn around and say Spider-Man has Wolverine outclassed is just incorrect on so many levels. I feel Wolverine loses via incapacitation. But would beat Parker for a majority (not all, but majority) in a flat out brawl.

EDIT: And F__K me if this hasn't turned into another Spider-Man versus Wolverine thread. Damn.

I agree. That graveyard fight was, mostly, respectful to both characters and is one of the most well written fights I've read. It's odd that it was written by someone whose other Spider-man work is so below average. Do you know if Owlsley/Priest has written anything with Wolverine in other than that one shot? Because if not, he was certainly an odd choice for it.

Also, I wonder why Spider-man vs. Wolverine is always such a prevalent topic? I can understand Thor vs. Hulk or Thor/Hulk vs. Superman rivalry, as they are basically the top of their weight classes and arguments about which one edges out the other will likely never stop, but Spider-man vs. Wolverine seems kind of random for this level of constant debate. Was the graveyard fight what kicked off the fan rivalry? Why do they have so, comparably, few fights compared to the other big Marvel rivalry, Thor vs. Hulk? I believe they've only met in out and out combat 4 times (6, if you count the webbed up scene in MTU and the training room fight in MKSM.)

These are questions I wish I had answers for.

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So despite no damage being shown, despite the Green Goblin not looking hurt or even knocked back, despite him being able to fight just fine afterwards, and Peter talking as if the attack amped him, you're sticking with that attack doing the most damage?

Going nova on people that can't just absorb his attack doesn't really do anything. Especially considering Johnny was unconscious right before this?

Do you have any feats of him surviving such attacks when his fire was off or was drained? Legitimately asking. Do you really think Johnny is meant to be in the same league of durability as GG?

I'm not saying it actually healed him, as that's never been stated, but going by how his powers were constantly growing, I wouldn't be terribly surprised. I'd never try to pass it off as hard evidence; it's just something interesting to speculate on.

I'll agree he was written lower than before, but there is simply no evidence that HT's attack did much, or any damage, to Green Goblin the second time.

After how he KOed Goblin the first Nova around, I will say it should still added damage the second. The first attack did Goblin the most damage IMO. Second added to it. Simple as that to me.

Say what?

He feat against GG is near the same against Namor. He was Flamed up, explosion happen, and was Unflammed.Same thing I just posted with Namor. Flame Up, Hit Ship with force, flame down. As for HT Durability feats, he has very little feats to begin with. He has some good one however in Blunt Damage. Including being hit and slammed around by Iron Man suits, Namor, whole trees, ect....

I agree. It could be something there I never considered.

OK. Im convinced then. I still like to think the purpose of HT attacking Goblin first with all he had twice was to give a reason how he would been weak enough for Spidey to supposedly kill him.

What I was trying to say in that one point, was that going nova and damaging Namor or Hyperion doesn't exactly prove he could damage GG, as neither of them could simply absorb the flames as he did, as far as I know.

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@laflux: Also, in the Dark Reign ASM issues, Peter, during his battle with Daken, compliments Logan's speed again.

It's clear that Wolverine is at least in the same class of speed as Spider-man. He's definitely a little below, but not by that much.