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@aeroman: Count me in. I think Marvel would be giving up a great opportunity if they don't give Spider-Gwen at least a full 5-issue mini-series.

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@highaccuser: That's actually not BIB Spider-man. It's from the Spider-man and Human Torch Mini-series, and it was set in the past. I don't know if that's the symbiote he's wearing or just his black costume, but this was way before he had his Other upgrades that he had during BIB.

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Black Panther will go for Black suit Spider-Man seeing as he already fought BIB Peter and I think he'd perfer to fight someone who's abilities he knows. Spider-Man should win pretty easily in these conditions honestly. Current Panther doesn't have the vibranium suit to soak his attacks anymore and he'll most likely just get webbed up. Even if his new gauntlets can burn his way out, he'll get pretty convincingly overpowered physically.

When was this?

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@brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie said:

Oh great it's Marvel's god awful "look how diverse and progressive we are!!!!" character. Are they going to awkwardly try to shove her into every story now? Also: why do I care!? Slott's SM is terrible and I don't plan to read it!

Slott's Spider-man is terrible, yes, but you're wrong about Ms. Marvel. She rules, and her book is one of the best that Marvel is currently putting out.

Edit: Trying to be a little positive, Camuncoli has always been pretty solid on Spider-man, but it's looking better than ever here.

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Because his ASM is terrible, and I'm sick of seeing people wank about how great it is.

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@monsterstomp: Watch the scene where he saves people in Times Square. He's able to leap up those stairs before the electricity could run all the way up the railing.

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@laflux said:

@comic_book_fan said:

Black Panther. no


Kaine (maybe)

John Dusk (Lunno if counts as Street)- Absolution don't know

Lizard (Lunno if he counts as Street).maybe

Eddie Brock (Lunno if he counts as Street).maybe

Ultimate Kitty Pride. don'tknow.

Iron Fist. no

Gorgon. no

Prometheus no

Mayday Parker don't know

Miguel O'Hara (maybe) don't know

Mister Negatve (Lunno if counts as Street) don't know

Silk don't know

Cyclops no

Servant (Lunno if he counts as Street) -Absolution maybe but probably not

Spider-Woman (Possibly) no

Seras Victoria (earlier forms I guess would make it more fair) don't know

Longshot (Although she is more likely to shag him) maybe but probably not

Classic Kaine (Again a strong arguement could be made he's not street) yes probably.

How is Gorgon a maybe when he's been consistently shown to be Superior to Wolverine.

I don't see how Brock is a maybe. He can tank Logan's offense and incap with Tendrils if need be. He has a better chance than Kaine IMO.

Spider-Woman has actually K.O'ed Wolverine with her Venom Blasts before and slit his throat before he could react with his own claws. Plus she can fly and stay out of range. She has the capacity to steal a few win IMO.

Cyclops stands a good chance of winning if he uses a full power blast, or just takes of his visor. He needs to do that before Wolverine closes the distance. I'd say its a wash as to who gets the first hit in.

BP has gear to work around Wolverine's durability and Healing and is comparable in stats and skill.

Wasn't that actually the Skrull Queen?

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@serrure: Just give me the issue numbers if you don't mind. I'm having trouble recalling any of that.

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@serrure said:

@vegandiet said:

@serrure said:

@draciosv: White Tiger

she stomped Iron Fist, Beat Cage, and threw She-Hulk. to this date the only things to cut Cage are her claws and adamantium

Wasn't she amped on that occasion?

yeah and now she has that amp permanently

Does she? When did she demonstrate that level of power again?