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@vegandiet: ok fine if everything was absolutely perfect for Spider-Man in that small ally and Spider-Man attacks first then yeah maybe

So, you're gonna overlook that Spider-man was able to tag Wolverine with his webs on two separate occasions that I posted?

And Wolverine attacked first, bud. Spider-man had no issue dodging him.

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@vegandiet: lol that's not winning a death match

And neither is being webbed to a wall.

And again, nothing is stopping Peter from asphyxiating Wolverine after he webs him up.

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@ironknight1 said:

@vegandiet: you're the one fanboying if you think Wolverine would let that happen before Spider-Man gets stabbed and don't make it seem like Spider-Man hasn't been touched before

Oh, look! It's Spider-man webbing up Wolverine before he can be stabbed. Twice.

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@vegandiet: dude Spider-Man webbing down Wolverine throat is a unrealistic and gay way to win

Dude be real

I can see that this conversation clearly doesn't need to go any further. You're clearly not here to have an actual debate, but to be because you didn't get the response you clearly wanted from this thread. And Spider-man webbing down someone's throat is a completely feasible way for him to kill them, were he so inclined. I'm sorry you're too biased to see that.

Nice slur, by the way.

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@vegandiet: Spider-Man one = no death

Wolverine one hit = death

Lol Spider-Man can't take a bullet

Weirdly, you are the second person to be wrong about that in as many days.

Takes eleven bullets to the chest, is still able to fight, and is actually able to take down both Green Goblin and Bullseye afterwards.

Anyway, there's nothing stopping Spider-man from webbing Wolverine up, then asphyxiating him by pouring webs down his throat.

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@hellblazing: no I've been in comics my whole life and anyone using common sense and not fanbiyism knows Wolverine wins a death match hands down

Really? Because in your dupe of this thread Super_SoldierXIII gave the win to Peter, and he is one of most knowledgable posters about Wolverine on this whole board.

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@laflux said:

@evilduckling said:

@ancient_0f_days: That would be running away like a coward. Spiderman is brave, he wouldn't do that... And this is movie spiderman, not comic spiderman.

In all honesty the Tigers are more likely to do that once Spider-Man one-shots a few of them, which either Maguire or Garfield can do no problem. They are solitary hunters and once they see that Peter is incredibly strong, fast and has webbing which can ensnare them and they can't dodge, they will more than likely leave him alone.

Spider-Man isn't always brave though :P. He once ran away from Kraven and two of his cheetah's back in the 60's, though to be honest, comparing Spider-Man then to Spider-Man now is a world of difference.

In fairness, wasn't that when Aunt May and Betty had been kidnapped, and he was fighting the entire Sinister 6 one after the other?

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@ancient_0f_days: A T-rex's bite force is estimated to be approximetely 10x that of a tiger. But there are 100 tigers meaning he has to be 10x stronger plus there was a thread of batman vs 100 lions and some people were saying the lions would win and batman is > spiderman...

Yeah, I'm afraid I have some bad news about this here.

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Man, I sure am glad someone decided to post 6000 unfunny Batman memes in this thread for everyone to scroll through.

And then someone decided to quote it.

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Spider-man dominates.